I may not need to change my life, I may just need to change my perception of my life

Is it still a rut if you’re happy in it? I may have just answered my own question.  I Googled the phrase “in a rut” and saw the definition “to do the same things all the time so that you become bored, or to be in a situation where it is impossible to make progress.”  And since I’m not bored, I’ve answered my own question.  Maybe I’m not in a rut, since I’m content in it.  I’m not bored with it and I don’t feel I need to make progress.  And I don’t even agree that progress isn’t being made anyway. It all boils down to perception, doesn’t it?  (Doesn’t everything?)  I may not be in a rut at all, if I’m content with it.  Maybe I don’t need to do new things, maybe I just need to change my perception about the things I do now.

I woke up this morning and didn’t have a thought in my head.  I love when that happens.  Just me, breathing into the Universe with my eyes open.  I was aware of everything but didn’t have a thought about anything.  As I began moving around, I moved into the observer state of mind, but without anticipation or judgment.  I didn’t think she’s going to pick up the toothbrush next, I just observed it all as it unfolded.

Then I became the observer observing the one who anticipates,  I noticed she spends a lot of time anticipating.  Then the critic, when she’s anticipating, she’s not in the Now.  And behind it all, I remained the observer, just observing in the Now.  It’s a mental place I enjoy being in.  It’s one of the goals of my hours long daily for decades meditation practice.

I’d been thinking lately I am changing up my routine, I am making myself take time to do new things – things that are not work related.  But that’s where the problem begins, because everything I do is pretty much work related.  That’s one benefit of having consciously created the life I’m living, is that I do what I find fulfilling and when I do that, my business life ends up becoming my personal life as well.

So I realized I don’t need to do new things at all, I just need to change my perception about the things that I do. I just need to change my perception about what I do and do not have time for.  I just need to change my perception about what is and is not a chore, and what is and is not personally fulfilling.

The monthly billing can be a chore, or it can be a fun time for me to connect internally with each client and advertiser name on each invoice, to send some good thoughts their way, to hold in my mind their highest vision of what they wish for themselves.

The weekly cleaning can be a chore, or it can be a to time bless each corner and edge and surface I touch and breathe fresh life into my surroundings on a regular basis.

My roommate cousin can be seen as a brat, or he can be seen as someone who’s handy to have around for a variety of guy things, someone who blessedly keeps to himself until called upon.  A beloved brat.

As usual, in order for me to be happy, nothing has to change except my perception.

And it’s good to know I’m not in a rut, since I’m so darned happy being here.


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