Creative Visualization and the 51% rule

My friend Domino wrote and asked me for some input about a situation she’s going through.  We’ve spoken about the matter before, so I wrote back: “I need to ask how much creative visualization you are doing about this.  When we spoke in January, I suggested you spending five minutes 3 or 4 times a day visualizing people coming to take you to the next level, visualizing donations coming in thru Paypal and visualizing checks coming in the mail.  I also suggested you cut contact with and release to the Universe anyone who brings you down and does not contribute to the vision you hold.”  She had a copy of my Sleepytime Recharge  cd.  I wrote:  “Believe it or not, just listening to the cd a few times a week, or having it play on repeat as you sleep, will cause a shift in perception.  You’re directing your unconscious mind to begin particular processes for you, which will initiate changes in perception, which will change how you respond to external input, which will change what you attract to you.  So listen to it and entertain the notion that the words you hear may become true for you.  That will begin to trigger your own mind to find the creative solutions you want.”

I told her, “As of right now, I’m at a loss for more words, since you’ve not been doing the visualization and listening to the cd.  I know this because if you were doing either, you would have questions for me, which you haven’t had.  I’m not yelling at you,  I just do so much of this work that it’s easy to know what practice is being done or not done by the questions that come up or don’t come up.

Basically, the bottom line is nothing more than you’ve been spending more than 51% of your time thinking thoughts that are keeping you where you are.  Thoughts that are keeping your business from expanding.  Thoughts that are keeping sponsors and customers away from your door.

The bottom line is you simply need to spend more than 51% of your time being hopeful, doing creative visualization work, talking with others about the possibilities and potentials, surrounding yourself with only people who cheerlead you on, watching Abraham-Hicks videos or listening to their cds.

You need to spend more than 51% of your time doing what makes you vibe in that place of “great things are about the happen, I am happy with where I am and I am ready for more to come.”  You are the only one who really knows what thoughts you are having on a minute by minute basis.  The quickest way to get over that 51% hump is to visualize several times a day.

The quickest way to get yourself in the vibe to visualize is listen to the Sleepytime cd. Let it give you its suggestions and let them work on you. Really, it can be that simple.  As far as not doing the visualization or listening to the cd?  That’s the natural reaction for anyone who’s never really experienced the power of creative visualization or programming the unconscious. They think it’s so easy that it couldn’t possibly work. But it works.  Really.”

This blog post isn’t about selling the Sleepytime Recharge cd, it’s about when someone asks you for a solution to their problem, even if you give it to them, if they are not vibrating in resonance with it, your words will go right over their head.  You could tell them the secret of the Universe and they wouldn’t hear it. You could shout winning lotto numbers at them and their mind would be somewhere else.

If there’s anything, anything going on in your life that you would want to be any other way, the remedy is simple: simply spend more than 51% of your time thinking about and getting in the emotional feel of the having of it by using the The Creative Visualization Process.

Because, I guarantee you, the life you’re living right now is a result of what you are thinking about at least 51% of the time.  Old thoughts will keep you in your old life.

It’s your choice.  Your choice of what thoughts to think.  In every moment.

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