Visiting with Friends at the Cocoa Village Spring Festival

I had a busy day yesterday.  There were four events going on at the same time, 40 miles from each other at different ends of the county.  Two I felt obligated to attend.  One I wanted to attend but it had to be low priority.  I wanted to be out in the sunshine walking around, so that made my choice for me.  I used to agonize over decisions like that, not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings by not showing up to say hello and pay my respects.  But years later I realized that if I was only going to be somewhere out of obligation, that was not the vibrational stance that would ensure I had a good time.  And I’m all about having a good time.

I have friends who participate in the local fairs and festivals, and I remember doing them myself and having such fun.  If I was two people, I would have a booth for the magazine even now because it is a fun day of being outside and saying hi to new faces.  I have fun walking through and seeing what everyone has to offer. I never want to stay long with friends who are “working” by chatting with them too long and taking their attention away from their purpose for being there.  I like to say a quick hi in person and then stay in touch away from the event, leaving them free to make new connections.

I ran into Morgana Starr at the Cocoa Village Spring Fair. It was a beautiful day and warmer than I thought it might be.  It’s usually windier over beachside, so I’d worn my Cabela’s silk base layer under my silky new top to stay warm.  I found it a little too warm and Morgana was kind enough to let me step into her reading tent to remove the base layer.  She styled it across my shoulders and I was good to go!

Then I found as I was walking, that I remembered the other reason for wearing the top underneath: the buttonholes on this new buttondown blouse were a little large and kept coming undone.  I decided to hold a strategic one in place until I could get to Robyn Green’s office to put the top back on underneath.  But she had a note at her door that she was galivanting about, so I set off to find her.  Morgana said she and Phil Ruthven might be together, so I was looking for both of them.  And almost stumbled upon Phil, who’d seen me before I saw him, the brat. It’s fun taking photos with new friends.  I used to hate photos and think they didn’t look like me.  The older I get, the better the pictures seem to be.  Am I losing my ego or just beginning to accept that I look how I look?

I made a few stops on the way home and crashed within an hour of being in my big puffy chair.  I awoke several hours later, with my YinYang kitty all curled up in the crook of my arm, lying across my chest, warm and snug.

It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.


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