I dreamed I returned jewelry to a former boyfriend

I had a dream that I was looking for a former boyfriend to return an expensive gift. In real life, we dated in my 30’s and he gifted me some very expensive jewelry. When we parted, I offered to let him have it back since he was more serious about the relationship than I was. My feeling about gifts of expensive jewelry is that they are given to the one considered “the partner.” If I don’t consider myself a permanent partner, I don’t feel right keeping the jewelry. In real life, he understood and took back some pieces and let me keep some. He said no one had ever returned jewelry and that showed I really loved him despite wanting to part. I wanted to part because we wanted different things and I knew if he was dating me he could not find his true love. In the dream, he’d mailed me all the jewelry that I’d returned to him 30 years ago. I recognized it all when I opened the package, some I had forgotten about, and in real life I haven’t thought about it in 30 years. It was cool seeing it again.  

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