I can fly in my Bill Gates / Ma Yoga Shakti dream

floating falling by Andrea de MichaelisI’m in a very large hotel resort type place and am sharing a room with Ma Yoga Shakti.  We are with a group and they all begin to go down to breakfast and I want to rush back to the room to brush my teeth first.  I can’t find the room and can’t even find the right door to go in to find the rooms, so am asking staff and strangers as I wander thru the large, filled dining room and then empty hallways.   I had spent so much time focusing on the other people in the group we were all with that I didn’t notice where we were going, so I didn’t know how to get back.  It’s a big hotel and Bill Gates is there with another group and he begins talking to me.  I  notice I am wearing mismatched pajamas and look sloppy while everyone else is dressed up.  He acts like we know each other and he acts like I am not dressed oddly.   I am wandering thru the hallways lookng for the right door to the entrance to our corridor, or for something that looks familiar to let me know where I am.  

I have the thought that “here I am once again in a dream trying to get “home”.  I put the thought on the back burner to analyze later and keep on with my task.

I keep going in and out of the wrong entrance.  I look kind of bummy how I am dressed with hair all mussed, and it’s an upscale hotel.  I don’t want to be noticed by anyone, I just want to blend in and get where I’m going before I am missed. I feel very noticeable being so tall.

I remember it’s a dream and decide to have some fun with it.

I am then on a top floor, maybe 20 stories up.  I go to the edge to jump off and then jump and begin “diving” – like sailing – toward a swimming pool below and am going to make myself lightly touch down in it.  Then I see the correct entrance to the hotel from above, so I sail or fly toward it.  A small fountain like a jacuzzi is there, so I sail down into it, thinking the water will wake me up.

There are workers there and they will help me get to where I want to go, they tell me.  Most of them are latino and I think Mexican and they are very kind to me.

I want to get back to the group but first want to almost desperately brush my teeth.  I’m asking strangers for toothpaste and figure I’ll just brush with my finger if I have to.

Bill Gates is talking to me again.  Another man is there off to the side not talking, and I know who he is but can’t recall his name right now.  Some famous someone I in real life have no connection to.  I knew the name in the dream, or that was my impression at the time.

I decide I can fly up as well as down, so I lift off and begin going up, but it’s slow going and I am using tree branches to help pull me along and get up past them so I can soar.

Then I am once again back in the corridors and I keep going in and out of the wrong entrances, as if I forgot what the placement of everything was that I saw from the view while I was flying.  At each door, I look outside for a CVS or Walgreens to buy toothpaste, but it is in a resort area so there is none of that.  I finally fly free upwards.

I am back in the hotel room and everyone else is down at breakfast.  I get the impression Mataji and I have a separate kind of suite off to the side of the main bedroom area, but all the luggage for everyone is in our space.   I look for my bag which is smaller than most of what everyone else brought, and it is underneath several others.  I get the impression we were allowed one bag each, althought they are pretty big bags and all opened up so I can see everything stuffed inside.  Altho they are on top of mine, they are not piled on top, but rather atop folding stands so I can reach down underneath easily to access my smaller bag.

There are several of us apparently sharing the same room and there is a lot of luggage around and it’s all in “our” space.   I want to brush my teeth and dress appropriately and get back before Mataji knows I am missing and not with the group.

Bill Gates seems to be in almost every wrong corridor or lobby I go into or thru and he’s real friendly wanting to chat like I know him.  I don’t get the impression I don’t belong there, just that I took a wrong turn and where I want to go is just a few steps away but  keep stepping the wrong way.

I am in the dining room several times and don’t care about breakfast but am wanting to brush my teeth really badly and get dressed appropriately and get back to the group.  Brushing my teeth seems of main importance.

Since I realize it’s a dream, I decide to wake myself up.

I fly again, sailing from a rooftop and using my arms to slow me down for landing, and also to direct my direction.

Going into the jacuzzi fountain I thought would wake me up, but it doesn’t.  There are workers nearby (gardeners and wait staff taking things to rooms) who try to help me wake up or get to the right room, but they are no real help.  They are mostly going about their business working.

Kelly Slater is there and gives me tips to body surf the air currents and I get the impression I am doing a good job for a beginner.

I wake up feeling disconcerted and kind of worn out from all the confusion and effort of trying to get somewhere and being unable to.

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