Be careful of feet and legs if you’re diabetic

I got an email from a diabetic friend telling me he had an open cut on his foot healing up and his mother was visiting in town and wanted him to take her out and about, even thought she knew about the foot. I replied:   You HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING saying your mother wants you to take her out entertaining when you should be home with your leg up.  She does not get it.  Ok, I will say this once, and I know you already know this.  I’m just Spirit’s personal reminder that the world needs the work you have to give.  And you need an able body/vehicle to do all it all, and it will fulfill your every dream.  YOU are a diabetic.  YOU are obese.  If you make your food become your medicine, you can control the diabetes, despite extra weight.  The incorrect food will create toxins that your body can no longer process.  It can no longer process them due to the diabetes.  When the toxins build up, it appears in your legs.  You are a diabetic.  I know a lot of diabetics.  You have to be careful of your feet anyway.  You should be wearing diabetic shoes and they need to lace up.  I’m not saying anything you don’t know. 

I won’t tell you how many of the diabetic men I know over 40 who are still walkers or have both their legs.  You have a cut on your foot that is slow to heal.  By God’s grace it isn’t on the bottom of your foot, so get on your knees right now and thank God for that.  So, YOU, a diabetic with a new cut on his foot, is going to spend days sitting up and standing up to be polite to your mother, even though doing so may lead to you losing your leg.  That’s what you’re doing, right

What you NEED TO BE DOING is – until you can get to the doctor, treat yourself as they would in the hospital.  Get in bed, get that leg raised, listen to some Abraham or classical music or good ole time gospel and STAY RECLINED WITH YOUR LEG RAISED.  Don’t just stay in bed or on the couch.  GET THAT LEG ABOVE YOUR HEART until you get to the doctor and let him know you kept it up so he factors that into the equation.

Keep the stress to a minimum, ok mom’s visiting so forget that one, but DO NOT GO OUT AND ABOUT, CERTAINLY NOT TO A MOVIE WHERE YOUR LEG IS ON THE FLOOR OR CROSSED FOR HOURS.  Good Lord, I am not kidding.  Ok, end of lecture.

### end of email

I just now finished cleaning out my back office and vacuuming the whole house. My friend Denise turned me on to the Kenmore Magic Blue™ Canister Vacuum. It is so easy to use and easy to hide in a little corner to keep at hand. I used to never vacuum, ever; I would just wait for the housekeeper.  But now that I’m cleaning my own house (let’s see how long that lasts) I find I am really digging the little MagicVac.  Also I find if I keep a bottle of spray cleaner and a  dustcloth in each room, it is no big deal to clean this table or that bookshelf every few days.


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