How one clairvoyant sees the world

As a professional clairvoyant, I see everything around me not only with my outer vision, but also with my inner vision. I tend to think of the world around me as the visible manifestation of energy in motion, because as an energy worker that’s how I perceive it. The concept of subtle energy is not a theoretical one for me. Everything and everyone I see with inner sight is composed of highly interactive energy. This means I’m paying less attention to what your words are, than I am to what your energy field is telling me, and how you’re “vibrating”, as Abraham-Hicks would say.   When I’m looking into your energy field, I’m not thinking “oh, he’s yellow,” or “oh, she’s blue.” It’s my experience that colors change every moment with every thought, more often as your moods do. What I perceive is like a film clip within a layer of the aura that runs along the first few inches from your skin. Different locations show me a different “movie.” Yours fears and concerns make for a more vivid film than do the areas of your life you’re bored with. Kind of like the old black and white movies they’ve colorized – you’re going along in black and white (the oppressed, boring parts of your life) and suddenly you’re in color (your fears, fervent wishes, etc.)

The “speed” the film runs has to do with how efficiently you’re managing the situation, emotionally, and also has to do with how you feel you are managing the situation. It’s like a lot of overlays, and it took me many years to feel confident with it. So now, when someone sits across from me to tell their story, it’s like being in a multiplex theatre. The words they speak give me the least information of all, although it does tell me their alibi for why they think it (fill in the blank) isn’t their fault, and it tells me what part they want me to play in their movie.

So, when my friend tells me, “No, no, you’re not right, what you say isn’t happening,” I don’t need to make her admit it and have a conversation she isn’t ready to have, especially with me. I don’t need to do anything; she has to make her own choices and free herself in her own time.

I used to feel frustrated when I told someone something that would solve their dilemma and then watched them act as though they didn’t know the solution. Boy, am I glad I let that go!

Four years ago, Domino came to me when she was in the midst of many life changes, divorce, income. She was new to metaphysics and I turned her on to the basic concepts of how we attract things, people, events, into our life, and how it’s possible to co-create using creative visualization. She was a quick study and within eight months, her life had gotten much smoother and more manageable. Her relationship had reconciled and she’d found the perfect part time job. We soon stopped our weekly sessions and I didn’t see her for over a year, When I did, her life had again become unmanageable and, when asked, she admitted she was no longer doing her creative visualization and, in fact, had forgotten all about it without me to cheer her on.

I was stunned. Here was someone who’d learned a really helpful new technique with the power to change every area of her life forever, and she allowed herself to “forget” about it, simply because she didn’t have a cheerleader?   She was my lesson to finally release my attachment to wanting to teach anyone anything.

When someone is sitting cross from me and I can see in their film clip that energetically they are tied up into a tight ball of rubber bands in their relationship area and have a vacuum sucking out their $$ and health areas, I just listen to the story they are telling me.  Because in their telling of that story is where I learn their language and where I discover their overlays, or what their “blockages” are.

Some people look – energetically – as though they are strapped down to their physical selves, almost like you’d be bound to a dining chair.  Some look as though they are leaning toward a heat waves type of configuration, rather open ended.  I used to get so wrapped up in viewing the film clip that I thought I had to share with each one what I saw.  I learned quickly that, despite what friends say about wanting to know every psychic flash you get about them, don’t do it.  I lost friends I thought were close and who I thought understood how it all worked. More than a few.  I’ve learned that lesson.

So I have learned that most often, the film clip is making itself available to me just to give me background information.  Although the film clip also provides future scenes, as they ask me questions.  A sense of the overlays may go like this:

1.  The story you are verbally telling me.
2.  The film clip showing me the scene of the story.
3.  The film clip showing me your reaction to your perception of the story.
4.  Your energy field morphing, expanding and contracting with each statement.
5.  Any play of color within your energy field due to active thoughts.
6.  Any thoughts that come into my mind in the moment.  Yes, my own mind.

And this is for someone who asks, this is not something I do with every person every time we meet.  That would be as time consuming as determining the fabric content of your clothing, your size, your height and weight, the cmyk value of your skin, hair and clothing.  Sure, I can do it if I want to put the time into it, but I’d rather just pay attention to you and what you think we are here for.

It’s not difficult to begin to see clairvoyantly, regular practice will develop that.  The challenge lies in discovering how to interpret what you see.  If someone asks me where they lost a favorite locket, and I get a scene of me as a child playing with my teddy bears and lining them up on the shelf and taking pictures of them, what does that mean to the reading?  Does it mean to look among the teddy bears?  Does it mean go look around the camera?  Or might it just mean there is a photo on the mantle of a Christmas scene including a teddy bear, and the missing locket is next to that photo.

Although, same scenario, they may ask about the missing locket and I go into each room in my mind with a type of heat sensor red light that will seek out the object and show it to me.  I usually let it let me know what it wants to show me and how.  Only when I don’t understand do I do my own process of elimination.  Sometimes I might ask to see a movie of it in front of me, showing me walking into the proper room and going right to the missing item.  Some combination of those has always been successful.

So seeing the world clairvoyantly is simply seeing the world kind of as though everything has an aura, an energy field, and everything’s aura has an aura. Different things occur when energy fields overlap, and you learn through trial and error the significance of those things. After you practice enough, you begin to see the patterns and you see enough patterns, you know what comes next.  Is it really as simple as all that?  Yep, it really is.

Important note: if you begin with friends or others to “pretend” you are seeing something when you are not, that simply shows you do not believe you really have access to the info and it will simply slow down it actually coming to you.  Don’t go down that route.  You don’t need to.  If more people knew that, we’d have far more accurate readers.If you don’t “pretend” to know, then the answer will come to you.  Promise!
Anyone can develop these skills.
Anyone, anywhere.


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