Considering doing a magazine giveaway – I mean the whole magazine

I dreamed last night that I won the lotto and gave the magazine away. I woke up and it felt so real my first thought was there was no hurry to check email.  That felt pretty free!  Since I’m getting ready to win the lotto, I thought – well, why not give the magazine to someone and go play?  I’m not joking.  The whole kit and kaboodle.  No, there are no debts or anything like that 🙂  So who should I give it to and why?   If you know someone or want to be considered, let me know. (Of course obviously everything would be handled legally and all ad contracts fulfilled, etc.)

Who and why. This way, when my ticket wins, I’ll have a list handy and have made my decision already.  No strings.  Seriously.  What would you do if it was yours?

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