What I experience when giving a psychic reading

A friend asked me yesterday what exactly do I experience during psychic reading sessions with clients?  What I experience internally, subjectively, is this: If they are asking me about a future outcome, I kind of project myself forward into their emotional (astral) body (into their nonphysical energy field) and take a look to see what I’m doing and how I’m feeling.  Am I happy that I just got the corner office with the new promotion or that Bob with the red corvette asked me to the prom?  Or am I relieved about a financial situation because Uncle Noah has just given me a fat check for my birthday for the first time in his life?  What am I thinking?  What am I feeling in response to what I am thinking? Then I just come back into the here and now and tell them what I saw.

If they are asking about something they do not know the answer to, I ask them who would know the answer and then I just ask that person in the dreamtime, so to speak. Because the one with the answer is either usually dead or an adverse party, meaning you can’t just call on the phone and get the answer.  That’s why they are coming to me.  So I go to them in a vision or in a moment of meditation or in the dreamtime.  It’s like this other part of me goes out and connects with this other part of Joe Blow the secret keeper, and this other part of Joe  Blow doesn’t care about keeping secrets, he just tells it like it is.  He spills it all.  And I’m just the journalist taking it back to the asker.

Another way to look at it is as though that other/higher part of Joe Blow is just a database, an astral shell if the person has dropped their body.  And this database knows everything that the deceased ever knew or felt.  That is how “they” know where the safe deposit box is and where the keys are and what the childhood nickname is.

In that info gathering stage, I can usually hear, smell and see (of a sort) as well as touch and taste and feel. Often in that info gathering stage, a kind of low, loud noise comes over me overshadowing the regular sound so I know the stage is being set for the vision. It gets loud and quiet and roaring and crickety then I get the vignette and then the sound and everything goes back to normal.

I’d also written about it earlier this week in How one clairvoyant sees the world.

I have stopped taking appointments for the remainder of the year.

I’m setting the stage for a different kind of vision 🙂

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