Fave Uncle Jimmy has dropped his Earthly robes and entered immortality

Uncle James William Burnett

2:22am Dear fave uncle James William Burnett has taken his final walk, dropped his Earth robes and entered immortality. 89 and in good health, I’ve always called him Uncle Daddy. He’s dad’s younger brother and looks just like him except shorter. He lived 2 miles away and built my house when I moved up from Miami in 1984. As a Jehovah’s Witness, he found my library amusing. Daughter in law Sweet Melissa stood watch over his 2 day hospice journey. It’s comforting to know we survive in consciousness after the change called death.
Rumi says: Don’t say he’s gone. Death has nothing to do with going away. Your mouth closes here, and immediately opens with a shout of joy there. The parrots of heaven will be cracking sugar as we laugh together, you and I. In one form upon this earth, and in another form in a timeless sweet land.”
We’ll meet again, Uncle Daddy.  

When we feel a loved one is gone from our life for good since they have passed out of physical form, we misunderstand. It’s just a misunderstanding when we mistake the death of the body for the death of our loved one. The caterpillar doesn’t die when it becomes a butterfly, it just moves its consciousness into a new body, leaving the old one behind. We survive in consciousness after the change called death. You meet again when you drop your own body. You can also in quiet times feel their presence and imagine you are hearing them talking to you. You’re not imagining it. Sometimes you see signs everywhere. They’re just letting you know that life goes on, it just changes form. You will meet again, know that.

I follow HospiceNurseJulie and HospiceNursePenny on TikTok, they have such a comforting way of explaining the death and dying process.

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