Drink fluids during a cold even if you’re not thirsty

waterfall-kanchanaburi_091.jpegWhen I find myself with a hacking cough a week into a cold, I need to remember one reason to drink a lot of water so the mucous in my body can thin out and be drained. When there’s not enough fluid to keep things moving along, that’s when I get aches in the sinuses: headaches, earaches, toothaches, face hurts. Drinking plenty of water also keeps my digestive/elimination system moving along fluidly. Taking antihistamines to dry up sniffles also dries up ALL forms of bodily elimination. I see it like the antihistamine is a sponge sucking all the water from the surrounding cells. If I don’t drink plenty of water, I run the risk of constipation. I’m in touch with my body enough to look at what goes into it and what comes out of it. I can tell right away if I am dehydrated. If your poop looks like small, hard balls, go drink a 16.9oz bottle of water right now and do it 5-6 times a day for the rest of your life. That also gives your body a rest from working so hard to process the food you put into it.  
Since I wake up every couple of hours anyway, I keep two bottles of water next to the bed and drink half a bottle each time I wake up all night long.  I know how important hydration is to the cells of our body.  That might also be why at age 62 I have zero elimination problems. A 44 year old  friend is chronically constipated, drinks coffee, cola, beer and wine and very little water.  She smokes cigarettes and takes ZZZquil each night to sleep.  She eats fast food and junk food.  All these things suck the moisture out of your system, leaving a dry passage for elimination. To my spidey sense, when I encounter someone with the condition, it feels like the food in their digestion system is a slow moving train stuck in a tunnel.  Six to eight hours after eating, after your meal passes through your stomach and small intestine, it enters your large intestine/your colon for further digestion and absorption of water.  This is a big reason to drink water if you are constipated. You will eliminate that meal anywhere between 24-72 hours after eating it. Hydration is good for your system, the cells of your body love it.

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