I found YinYang’s Secret Hideout In The Garage

The last week it’s been down in the 50’s at night and my 14 year old black and white bandit masked kitty hasn’t been sleeping in the house. Both she and Benny the Cat like roaming around outside when it’s chilly, but at night I like her inside. I finally went on a hunt early this morning and found her hiding place! There’s a standing bookcase just inside the garage where the door comes down. On the bottom shelf of that bookcase is an unopened bag of landscape mulch. The shelf is protected on 3 sides by sheets of plywood. She’d been sleeping there. That’s not very soft, I thought. I straightened up the area a bit, removing a stack of cardboard boxes waiting to be recycled. I kept it private for her, but placed a cat bed on top of the bag of mulch. I placed another cat bed on the concrete floor of the garage, in a corner next to my bicycle. Now I wait and see if she chooses to use it.