Dr. David Rindge does laser needle acupuncture on me

Yesterday I went to my Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture Physician pal David Rindge to get my paws lasered again. Last week’s initial lasering took 90% of the pain away. I’ll do it a few times this week for good measure. Laser therapy is really amazing for carpal tunnel, I never had the surgery and do not need it now that I can laser when it flares up once or twice a year. Dr. Rindge used laser needle acupuncture on me yesterday, which supplies radiation via optical fibers – it was very sci-fi. I believe that visualization can enhance any kind of physical treatment, so I did a visualization for the 15 minutes I was hooked up, visualizing myself being connected to God’s healing light, and it coursing all through my body. It was very cool.  You can research David’s site to see what laser therapy can do for your particular ailment.  Here’s a partial list of what laser therapy is good for: It includes Acne · Alopecia · Arteriosclerosis · Arthritis · Asthma · Back Pain · CP · Dental · Diabetes · Fibromyalgia · Headaches/Migraine · Hearing Disorders · Herpes · Hypertension · Pain · Respiratory Disorders · Scars · Skin Disorders · Sports Injuries · Tendonitis · Tinnitus · Wound Healing.   David Rindge has 35 years as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture Physician. He worked wonders with my carpal tunnel and he makes treatment affordable.

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