How do you know if you’re part of the problem or part of the solution?

They way you know whether you are part of a problem or part of the solution of a problem is how you feel about it.   If you feel hopeful, if you feel things are under control, if you feel God/the Universe has a handle on what’s going on and is even now formulating solutions, then you are part of the solution.  If you find others feeling angry, sad, desperate, hopeless and vulnerable, and you try to point them in the direction of better feeling thoughts and useful activity, then you are part of the solution.  If you feel upset or angry or anxious over “bad news,” if you pass on bad news links on Facebook and forward them by email, you’re simply adding your friends to a chain of pain they may not otherwise be involved in.  So, when you think about, well, anything, how do you feel?  Are you part of the solution? Or do you need to change your focus to become part of the solution?  As Louise Hay says, “As hopeless as any situation feels, it’s really only your thoughts that you’re dealing with.  And you have the power to change those.”

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