Speakers and Teachers, no matter how good you are, if you want me to promote an event in Horizons, advertise

I just got a typical email that I often get from speakers and teachers. They send me a press release about an event and they want me to interview them to let Horizons readers know all about the amazing, life transforming work they do.  The problem with this is that some of them are really wonderful teachers with valuable info to share.  Some are not.  I don’t know everyone’s work.  As a publisher, what I need them to know is that if they want to be promoted in Horizons Magazine, they purchase a listing.  Other publications will run their press release for free, but I don’t do that for editorial content.  I have years worth of articles waiting to go in, articles that give valuable info and techniques for life changing transformation, without trying to convince someone they need yet another workshop.  One friend is even convinced he has met Jesus who is currently teaching under another name.  What would Jesus do?  He’d pay for his ad.

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