Don’t add to the fear about hurricanes

hurricane notes
My 88 year old aunt is glued to the weather channels and freaked over the tropical depressions forming. She’s causing herself unnecessary panic.  Do NOT be alarmed if they forecast an active hurricane season. While that may mean a lot of storms forming, it does NOT mean they are around long or that they even make landfall. If they do, it does NOT mean they make landfall near you. If they make landfall near you, it does NOT mean it causes you or anyone you know big physical or financial loss or damage. Just remember these things are as true as anything the meteorologists say.  

I grew up in Florida so I’m not freaked out by tropical storms and hurricanes. I’m used to them.  I’ve been through them prepared and unprepared.  Prepared is easier. Have insurance. Take photos of all your belongings to keep on file.  The worst part of a hurricane for me is when the power goes out, there’s no a/c and you can’t open a window.  You may also lose cell phone service. Be prepared with batteries and battery operated radio, fans and lights, or a generator.  Have several gallons of water per person on hand. When my power goes out, so does my water so I keep gallons on hand to flush with as well. Keep a few gallons of gas on hand.  Keep your car fueled as a storm approaches.

I have two big plastic tubs so in case I have to evacuate, I put my office stuff in the two tubs and I’m set.  It includes: Laptop computer, iPad, Kindle, external hard drive, checkbooks, portable USB adapters, insurance files with photos of household items, software, cell phone charger, bluetooth, iPad and Kindle chargers, stamps, envelopes, desk flip calendar (with bills in it) and all mail on desk. I pack the main cpu in the car along with vitamins, clothes and shoes for a few days, water boots, a hotpot and some canned soups. I’d shutter the windows and sandbag the front door. I’d figure where I’d have to evacuate to and make hotel reservations or arrangements with a friend there. That’s my routine. I’ve only evacuated twice in 63 years.

Don’t be afraid when you hear the word “hurricane.” Just be prepared for it. The loud sound can be frightening the first time you hear it, and it goes on for up to 12 hours. It’s usually overnight but have plans for activities just in case the storm keeps you up. If it’s your first one and you have anxiety, that’s natural, it will pass. Don’t be afraid of a hurricane.  Many storms form, few last or make landfall.  When storms make landfall,  it may not be near you.  When a storm hits you, it doesn’t have to cause big damage.

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