A longtime buddy blocks me on Facebook over politics

blockedI’ve got a real life friend I’ve known since the mid 80’s.  We mostly talk about nature or yard stuff or music or the day’s surf or good times from back in the day.  We reconnected after several years’ absence. Most recently he’s got a galpal who doesn’t approve of our friendship so we mostly interact via Facebook. That was where I discovered a side of him I hadn’t seen the 25 years I’ve known him. That was where I learned Domino had become a conservative Republican and stayed glued to Fox News all day, believed what they  said and actively touted it on FB.  I don’t mind when friends have their own opinions, but I don’t need their propaganda plastered on MY Facebook wall.   

He can get downright mean about it and I know that’s because the mainstream media has convinced him to be scared to death of Obama and what’s happening with the powers that be.  Like the sincere and well meaning Bible thumpers who tell us to change our ways before it’s too late, he’s become a caricature of Chicken Little, scared witless that the sky is falling and trying to work everyone around him into a frenzy as well.  A few hours later, I posted on my Wall “Just a heads up — if you don’t pay taxes on all your income, don’t criticize the economy or the government, period. Yeah pal, that means you.”  Shortly after that, I saw that Domino had blocked me on Facebook.  I don’t know his finances or taxes, but something hit a nerve with him.  I don’t know if that remark was it or not.  And I don’t mind.  I don’t want to be “friends” with anyone who doesn’t dig our connection.  And I don’t mind if he wants to go off and pout for a few years and come back.  Or not.

I am real aware of how I attract things into my life and that the state of the government or the economy has nothing to do with it.  Unless I think it has something to do with it, then it does. Because of that line of thought, I have a giant freedom that few people have.  Not everyone can get their thoughts around that.

Domino and I haven’t talked about law of attraction because he stays firm on repeating what he hears on tv.  Relating to world matters, it’s like he doesn’t have an opinion of his own and, if he does, it’s based on the propaganda he is fed by the conservative news.  I still love him, but I’m not interested in hearing that stuff.

I’m always interested in hearing what my friends think of their life and what is going on in it, but I am never interested in hearing anyone’s canned repetition of someone else’s words.  Tell me what you know.  Tell me what affects you and your life right now, not some make believe scenario in some theoretical future, according to some well meaning but misled source.

Don’t talk to me about anything going on half way around the world, talk to me about what you see right in front of you and what you think about that and how that affects you.  Tell me how you feel about your friends and family and activities and work and future plans and past joys and what it is you’re working toward.  The rest is rhetoric and speculation of the most downward spiraling, worst case scenario.

Why spend your days talking about stuff like that?  Why get yourself stuck in that vibration and attract more stuff like that into your experience?  And that’s always what it boils down to.  Are you spending your time engaged in thought and conversation about things you’d like to experience more of, or things you’re worried about?  Because whatever you’re focused on thinking about and talking about is what you’re attracting more of  it.  And it doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, that’s how it works.

And I don’t feel like I need to convince anyone that’s how it works, but I also don’t have to be around them when they’re on the downward spiral.  I don’t need to get caught up in that.

I think he only blocked me so that I wouldn’t write anything on his wall while he was away from the computer.  He’s a longtime friend.  He’ll unblock me when he’s ready.  No hard feelings.  I still love him even if he doesn’t love me right now.  In fact, I love him enough for both of us 🙂

Update: An hour after I wrote this, I checked email and saw that Domino had spammed me with about 30 forwarded emails with political references in the subject line.  I can’t believe he goes off the wall ballistic over politics; he has so much emotional maturity in other areas.  He gets so out of control, angry and name calling, spamming. He’s so together and controlled in other situations.

We’re all working on something.  I know that getting emotions under control can be a biggie.  That’s why we’re sent these situations, so we can have the anger flare up, so we can look at it and make the conscious decision to respond in a calm and rational way.  That’s the way of getting along with each other: wanting to communicate in a harmonious way.

And if you want to communicate in a calm way and they want to communicate in an angry, name calling way, pretty soon you will drift out of each others’ experience and neither of you will have to deal with the other anymore.  Either way, everyone wins. I love how it always works out.

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