Doing the Prosperity Project Brings Up My Excuses & Trust Issues

dollars in handYesterday I wrote about Valerie Saurer’s Prosperity Project *  $1,000 More Each Day.  The project is one of those fun writing games that gets you to delve deep inside yourself and see what core beliefs you are operating with. Specifically, the idea of the game is to get used to the idea of having, spending, and enjoying money. You start small, and every day increase your allowance by $1000. The process is –> here.  Gradually, you will be able to easily picture yourself having larger and larger sums of money.  That idea won’t seem entirely ridiculous to you, because your dream grows incrementally over time.

One thing I notice as I begin creating my list is that I don’t know what the prices of things are. Another is that I am leery to take on new time-consuming projects.  Example: I’d like a new floor put down and know I have 2000 square feet to cover, but I’d have to find out what the cost of tile is and what my options are.  That requires either research on my part or me hiring an assistant to research for me.  Even for fantasy visualization purposes, I make excuses.

And that brings my trust issues up.  I’ve had many assistants in the past.  I tend to hire people I like and click with.  In the past, that tended to be more important than their actual skill and experience.  I relied on what they told me they could do, because I wanted it to be true.  Then one of two things would happen. Either we’d goof around so much during “working hours” that the work didn’t get done, and I’d have to do it after they left.  Or I’d leave them alone to do their work while I did my own, and later find it was not completed as I wished.

But there goes my mind off on another tangent, taking me off the topic of what I’d spend $1,000 more a day on.  My mind so easily goes, by default, to what I do not want to experience, and I have to self talk myself out of that habit.  It’s an ongoing learning process.  My mind always tries to sidetrack me, but I know I am the master of my mind, and the thinker of my thoughts.  So no, making the daily list for the Prosperity Project is not easy to do, although you think it is.  Get a pen and piece of paper and try to do it yourself.  $1,000 more each day than the day before.

So, much contemplation – and releasing of justifications and excuses – later, the first thing I’d do knowing that I’d get $1,000 more every single day is formulate exactly what kind of assistant or personal/business manager I need to hire to oversee:

the detailing of my car
the expansion of the back porch
the building of a deck over the roof
the replacement of the flooring at home
the painting of all interior and exterior walls
the building of a studio and wood shop inside my shed
the purchase of the one lot adjoining my east property line
the upgrade and replacing of all my windows with bigger ones
the building of a raised deck inside the east woods, with a zip line
the upgrading of the gutters and rain management system
the implementation of in-house distribution team
the stocking of the wood shop
the upgrading of all software
me taking a Photoshop class
me planning and taking a cross country trip: who to bring, who to leave the work to

I also tend to get hung up, as you will, on what should be a priority. Should I really spend money on a week in the Bahamas before I spend money on new flooring? Yes, our minds will jump in with every excuse to keep us from completing the visualization. Remember it’s an exercise and suspend belief for the 5 minutes it takes you to visualize.  Remind yourself that you’ll get $1,000 more every single day

Ah, now the wheels are turning.  Thanks, Valerie!  You’ve helped me UP my vibration.  Hmmm, what does one wear when zipping through one’s own woods on one’s own zipline?