I Predict 4 Of Saturday’s Lotto Numbers

Friday I posted on Facebook that the Fantasy Five numbers I’m playing for the weekend are 17-27-28-31-32 and 7-15-17-29-30. I bought my tickets and had the girls at the bank laughing when I told them I was there to lock my winning tickets in the safe box. I used the same numbers for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I said, “We’ll see who’s laughing Monday, won’t we?”

So Sunday morning I check my tickets.  My numbers were
7-15-17-29-30 and the winning Lotto numbers were

Except my numbers of course were for the Fantasy Five.

I used to always get a quick pick for the Lotto and Fantasy Five, but this time I filled out a card, choosing the numbers.

So while I did get 4 of the numbers, I bought them for the Fantasy Five and not the Lotto.

Hmmm, can I count that prediction as a hit?  Sorry, no, that would be making the info fit after the fact.

And that’s not how I roll.

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