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I always have several creative visualization projects going on at one time and I write about them on Facebook.  Some I do with friends and clients, helping them hold a vision of something they are working on changing. A vision of wellness or quick healing for the sick.  A vision of a friend finding the perfect job, a client finding the perfect partner, a family member attracting a good used car at a great price. I do creative visualization for myself for various areas also.  And I switch it up, so I can tell what specific visualization attracts what specific result.  I like especially to play with how income comes my way. 

In the past I’ve done some projects that you’ve been a part of on Facebook, such as Asking readers to each donate $1 to me for good luck & karma where I did twice daily visualization on the amounts coming in.  I would have a dramatic increase in donations during the time I was doing the visualization. Weeks would go by and I would give my attention to other projects, and stop visualizing the donations.  They would trickle to a halt.  I’d notice it and begin the twice daily visualization again and the donations would again pick up, without me mentioning it again.  It worked scientifically each time.

Or about 10 years ago I suggested Horizons readers send me lottery tickets for my birthday.  I did twice daily visualizations seeing myself opening the mail and seeing the lottery tickets inside.  During that time, I began receiving a lot of lottery tickets from readers.  Then, once again, weeks would go by and I would give my attention to other projects, and stop the daily visualizations.  The lottery tickets would stop coming.  I’d remember it and begin the twice daily visualization again and the lottery tickets would again pick up, without me mentioning it again.  It worked scientifically each time.

Several years ago, I was doing a mailbox visualization every time I drove in the car.  I wrote about it in A Dollar Script VisualizationAs I drive, I imagine I am dancing and skipping on the sidewalk and, for every mailbox I see along the road, I envision opening the mailbox and pulling out a check with my name on it.  I feel myself getting all excited and I happily dance and skip to the next mailbox and this check is double what the last one was!  And the next is double still!

I will tell you, when I first began this visualization, I envisioned cash money in the mailbox.  Then my human brain made it feel weird to me to be taking cash from other people’s mailboxes, even if was just in my imagination… So I changed it to checks in my name being in their mailbox.

Want to know how I knew it was working?  I never, never get paid in cash, yet when doing the first visualization, clients began paying me in cash.  When I changed my visualization to checks made out to me, suddenly clients who had for years made all checks payable to Horizons Magazine began writing them to me personally.  I hadn’t been specific enough.  When I again changed the visualization, to have the checks payable to Horizons, then clients went back to writing checks to Horizons.  Trippy, huh?  No, it’s just scientific proof that if you do A, B and C, then D is the natural result.

So my current experiment is doing visualizations for Paypal payments to increase.  In my mind’s eye, I am checking email and see lots of New Mail with “Notification of payment received” in the subject line.  This weekend I have pretty much stayed away from email, but checked it just now for the first time since Friday and see I have lots and lots of Paypal payments.  Once again, the visualization is working.

And it’s not just about attracting money. 

Those are just experiments that are fun and self motivating. Those are examples that get your attention.  It’s about knowing that you can use creative visualization to attract into your life a better experience of any kind on any topic you can think of.  You can visualize waking up in time to go to work and choosing a favorite outfit and it’s a good hair day and everyone at work is in a pleasant mood and helpful and pulling together.  You can visualize getting recognized for your work and getting praise and kudos from coworkers.  You can spend a few minutes visualizing talking to family members who are all getting along and all doing well.  You can visualize your children finding their way and being successful and you can visualize your parents strong and vital and mentally alert until the end.

You can visualize being led toward healthy eating habits and strengthening your immune system, you can see yourself overcoming any health blips on the radar.  You can remember that a diagnosis is simply a snapshot in time and tied only to your state of consciousness about it, your belief and expectation.  If you took x-rays and an MRI and a blood chemistry profile every day of your life, you would see so many conditions move in and out of your body that it would scare you to death.  Most simply move on of their own accord without you even knowing they were passing through.  In your visualizations, you bring this to mind because that eases your resistance on the topic of health and wellness.

You can visualize getting good rates on hotels and airfare, and prepave speedy checkouts and timely arrivals.  You can visualize easily manuevering through red tape in business deals and prevailing in lawsuits.  You can visualize who your perfect mate would be, how motivated and respectful your children are and how quickly Mutley gets house trained. You can also do creative visualization on world situations, and on behalf of friends and family. The possibilities are endless.


Simply pick one topic at a time and bring to mind the best case scenario you can imagine on that topic.

Run it over and over in your mind continually for at least 5 minutes twice a day.

As you run it over in your mind, script it the way you want it to turn out.

As you run it in your mind, believe it.  Pretend it’s real.  Even just for those 5 minutes.

Make sure you can feel the feeling of experiencing it, that you can feel in your chest and body exactly what it would feel like in the doing and having of it.  Keep the visualization going for as long as it feels good to do it.

“Visualizing” may not mean that you can actually “see” it.  It may just mean that your way of seeing in your mind’s eye is to think about it, to run the thoughts over and over in your mind.  So don’t think you’re doing it wrong if you don’t “see” anything.

However, if you don’t feel anything, you need to work on generating the feeling because that is half the formula.  Work on finding and repeating thoughts that evoke the feeling you would have if you had or did the best case scenario.

Remind yourself that anything is possible and anyone can do it.

And miracles happen every day.


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