Unsolicited Psychic Readings

Is it ok to give someone an unsolicited reading or is that simply ego? Early on, I felt it was my duty to pass along info when I got it. In time, I learned when the impression would come unsolicited, I could internally ASK FOR MORE INFO about that person or situation. More info would come, which would then be FILTERED thru my own expectations and beliefs. I’d tell friends and even a few strangers where I was dining — who wouldn’t want to know to be careful bc a mishap or a diagnosis was on its way? When I grew up and needed less attention, I finally got that IF THEY’RE NOT ASKING FOR IT, keep it to myself.  

A word to the wise for those who read or channel: when you see something unpleasant or scary, ASK TO SEE PAST IT. Ask to see how it’s RESOLVED, ask to see the NEXT GOOD THING.

A FBF asked for a reading about family over the holidays. I saw a lot of infighting and a brother injured in a car accident. DID I SAY THAT? NO. I shared it’d be the typical Thanksgiving she was used to, with everyone being open about their opinions but as usual everyone would get over it before Christmas.  I told her I saw a male family member going to the emergency room, he celebrated a birthday 2 month’s previous. There might be some initial complications but he’d be fine. Someone was deciding whether to postpone a flight and miss an important meeting, but there’d be no need to.

It was helpful to see PAST the tragedy and know there’d be resolution on the way. If I saw the car accident and heart attack and she hadn’t asked me for a reading? I wouldn’t have shared it with her. It helps people to go thru what they have to go thru. It makes them stronger, like when the butterfly struggles to emerge from the cocoon. The struggle and pain grows the muscles needed to break free and move on to the next good thing.