The April 2022 Horizons is now online and here are the horoscopes

April 2022

The April 2022 Horizons is now online at Click here for the April 2022 Horizons. Here are the horoscopes.
ARIES – (March 19 – April 18)
The heavens are lifting you up from the ground starting next month. Take advantage of this necessary period of reflection to channel your energies into a new beginning (from May 10). Rather enterprising and confident in your abilities, you start the month in negotiations. You do not lack arguments to defend your positions. You benefit from an inspiring sky that contributes to your success but doesn’t upset anyone by being overconfident.

There is no question of launching a project without examining it, without weighing the pros and cons. Whether in love or elsewhere, remain cautious. Soon, Jupiter will open the ball of opportunities. In the meantime, think about establishing a link between your thirst to expose your potentials and what you feel. You spend a lot of energy to overcome certain slowness or resistance. Rely on your intuition to inspire yourself, unless you have the support of someone who can point you in the right direction and contribute to your emotional growth.

In the preparation phase, you are more concerned with anticipating what will happen than collecting money unless your project concerns your finances. If you argue, you will be granted what you covet: more room to maneuver or money (or both). Even if your projects seem to be hampered by a frustrating conjecture, you will regain the fluidity that you were missing. Contribute actively to your fulfillment and possible enrichment by simply going with the flow.

Take it easy, don’t rush into a new project that still needs to be reviewed and corrected or whose consequences you need to evaluate. From May 10, Jupiter is pushing you energetically into the deep end, but take the time to nurture your accomplishments by showering them with positive emotions to show new potential. Whatever your professional goals are, they benefit from a sharpened intuition, a listening ear, and information that allow you to put your destiny on the right track. You also receive wise counsel from people who quietly support your interests.

Taurus – (April 19 – May 19)

You are charming, and then your initiatives take a more offensive turn. This alternation helps you to make an impression. Whatever the case, you get your messages across, and they are received loud and clear. You surf with pleasure on waves that accompany your journey! You have the opportunity to free yourself from the past, from what was preventing you from expressing yourself. Everything is going well, and you are energized by the opportunities opening up to you. Count on a good situation to launch a new expansion cycle in full possession of your means.

You are projecting yourself into the future in ways that appeal to you, and you are using your charm to rally support for your tender plans. From the 20th onwards, it is time to take a step forward, to take on new challenges. You take the time to reflect on acting with full knowledge of the facts. You aspire to renew your world, to emancipate yourself from old ways of functioning. Aspirations whose realization seems to be favored and an ideal are within reach, and within your heart, everything becomes possible. Especially the best.

If your plans concern the future of your finances, you will use convincing arguments to get things done. More than material benefits, it is your ability to express yourself freely that counts. To enrich yourself, this perspective proves compatible with your thirst to emancipate yourself from everything and everyone. What matters to you is to open up the future according to plans that inspire you. You mobilize yourself to reach your objectives which concern an ideal of life to achieve rather than a treasure to constitute. Even if one does not prevent the other.

If new opportunities for professional growth have arisen, you will wait until the 20th to take action. Mars reinforces your will to change things and to convince your interlocutors. Take advantage of the energies of April to express your expectations differently. You are heard, and your wishes are fulfilled. You are delighted with these prospects, as they broaden your horizons in a significant way. If the month begins on a slow note, you will take the reins and make a dream come true.

Gemini – (May 20 – June 19)

Charming but determined to progress socially, to defend your interests, you mix firmness and softness. This alchemy allows you to take center stage. From the 20th onwards, you will withdraw from the game and reflect on the consequences of your actions. Venus adorns you with a glamorous aura, you attract attention, and you make yourself appreciated by all. The sky is favorable for your personal development, social success, and the expression of your most hidden desires. Carried along by events and the elements, you will soar but keep your feet on the ground, do not deny yourself pleasure, and do not be afraid to spread your wings.

Venus exalts your desire to extend your influence over those you love and to seduce those around you, whether professional or private. This aura allows you to shine. From the 20th onwards, you will be more discreet, obliged to look back on the past to draw valuable lessons. You have precious assets at your disposal to get your messages across, which concern your desire to emancipate yourself from ways of functioning that end up weighing you down. You assert your ambitions, you carry an ideal (love, social, professional), and you benefit from celestial relays to express your dearest wishes. The end of the month promises to be favorable to your fulfillment.

It is your place in society and in business that mobilizes your energy. If it’s a question of earning more, of getting a raise, you put pressure on your hierarchy to achieve your goals. If the energy and the power of seduction that you deploy effectively promote your ascension, you reveal little by little your true nature, even if it disturbs you. However, you are more interested in fulfilling a dream than in hitting the jackpot.

You are determined to get what you want and to consolidate your position. From the 20th, you will be fine-tuning your plans before taking action in May. A project requires extensive discussions and close exchanges with your colleagues, superior, or business partners. Rely on your radiance to seduce whoever you want, deploy your strategies, and make your difference. To serve a cause that exceeds you, fulfill a mission that inspires you, the time is now. The sky is opening up a gap in your life that you’d better jump into because it promises to bring you accomplishments by the end of the month.

Cancer – (June 20 – July 21)

Dynamic, enterprising, and conquering, you have the energy and determination to achieve what you set your heart on. Take advantage of these positive flows to boost your self-confidence and your potential. Bold, adventurous, and determined to shape your future differently. Count on a sky that is supportive of your ambitions, giving you the desire to push back the boundaries of what is possible. If you look upwards, you are not disconnected from reality, and your dreams are taking shape. A breath of fresh air and a door that opens wide.

Venus makes you want to change your lazy habits and raise your standards. Count on the delicious planet to exalt your ambitions in love. From the 20th onwards, specific projects will occupy your mind, and Venus will put you back in touch with the vertigo of love. To break a certain monotony, this is the moment. Suppose the beginning of the month seems a bit laborious and invites you to work hard to change things. In that case, you will benefit from a conjuncture that will allow you to pursue a spiritual, emotional, or social quest that will lead to success. If you dream of love, expect the best at the end of the month, the realization of an ideal.

If your ambitions are financial, you have no trouble defending your interests. No one can resist your powerful arguments and your thirst for more. But your objective is not to accumulate goods. Even if one does not prevent the other, you aspire to change your life and orientation to free yourself from the past. Your aspirations go far beyond strictly financial interests, which result from a progression, an ascent towards a long-coveted ideal.

You will invest yourself in your activities to make an impression. Mars endows you with the will to progress and the strength to surpass yourself. Exchanges mobilize you on the professional front. You intend to make yourself heard. You have been aspiring to broaden your perspectives, even if it means embarking on a project that involves risks. This challenge does not frighten you! You are relaunching stagnating negotiations to finally find an agreement that satisfies everyone. Count on this inspiring situation to pursue an idea and rally the votes around your quest.

Leo – (July 22 – August 21)

You are focused on financial negotiations and are determined to make the most of your situation. Rely on your sense of strategy and your implacable will to conduct your business affairs smoothly. Take control while using your great charm. You’ll break down barriers, assert your need to free yourself from the past, and effectively plead your case. You can let yourself be carried along by events that could bring about significant changes in your life, which will make you happy and put a smile on your face.

Count on your seduction between the 5th and the 14th to give you and your partner moments of extraordinary sensuality. Your radiance will affect those who look at you with lust. You use your devastating charm to attract whoever you please. Venus endows you with irresistible magnetism. Use your potential to put some fantasy into your love life. You deploy powerful energy, even offensive, to relaunch a dialogue that has come to a standstill but then count on a favorable conjuncture for the evolution of your relationships and exchanges. Rely on your power of seduction to rekindle the flame or live a passionate romance.

You are looking for financial support or negotiating a business partnership to conclude an arrangement. You can count on an unquestionable authority to lead the discussions. You are looking for financial aid, for agreements and commitments to be honored, and you are steering the negotiations in the right direction. You can count on a favorable situation for a positive evolution of your finances. If you were waiting for a loan, an inheritance, or a return on investment, get ready to replenish your coffers.

You want to accelerate change and put pressure on your business partners. If you seek financial assistance (loan, credit) or expect a return on investment, use your relentless energy to convince but avoid coercion. You are not lacking in arguments to relay your ambitions and show that it is in your interest to be trusted. Use your charm to influence those around you to your advantage and gently pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Count on an inspiring astral conjuncture to open the way to an ideal taking shape and becoming more apparent. Success is expected at the end of the month.

Virgo – (Aug 22 – Sept 21)

It is the desire to exchange with those around you that drives you. You express yourself, but you consider the other person’s answers until the 15th when Mars gives you a more offensive approach. You refuse to be bored, whether in love or business, and you push back the limitations. Rely on your ability to seduce, surprise, to win people over. If it’s still difficult at the beginning of the month, expect to shift into higher gear afterward. Opportunities to unite, to associate are to be marked with a white stone.

Venus favors your exchanges, no more question of going it alone, but instead of putting yourself and staying in tune with those you love. From the 20th onwards, you will raise the level of debate to live a story that lives up to your expectations. If you are immersed in discussions that don’t concern your emotional life. In that case, you catch up when Venus puts you in tune with the other person, around the 18th, when you can convince the other person to access a more exciting version of the relationship. You will mobilize yourself to overcome the brakes that limit your activity. You will then benefit from an almost telepathic communication with the other. A conducive climate, osmosis of mind and heart, this is a month infinitely favorable to emotional commitments.

You will find the correct arguments to convince your collaborators to accede to your desires to increase your income. Even if you are more thirsty for love than for recognition. Your willingness to change things and give meaning to your existence takes precedence over everything else. And if you manage to increase your income, you consider this advantage a bonus. Whatever connections you make are beneficial. And if they have nothing to do with your material world, they fulfill you.

You are defending a spirit of sharing and collaboration, which affects your colleagues, your hierarchy, and your interlocutors in general. You go on the offensive from the 15th onwards, but do not pressure anyone. Suppose you want to change your work and your methods. In that case, you can count on the current situation to lead your hierarchy and your collaborators. They appreciate your audacity and your original approach. If the beginning of the month is still laborious. In that case, Mars will help you relaunch more actively to associate yourself, sign a contract, or validate a promising collaboration.

Libra – (Sept 22 – Oct 21)

Rather generous and attentive until the 15th, you adopt a more authoritarian attitude after that. Mars sharpens your thirst to accomplish what needs to be done without delay. But don’t rush anyone in your path. Concerned about the community’s well-being, you do not neglect to work on your own behalf. You refuse to be subjected to others or to a heavy authority. Uranus shows you the way to metamorphosis. Even though freedom is expensive, you struggle to express your desires and feelings openly. You have an opportunity to improve your daily life. As a result, you are tempted to trust and surrender, and you are right.

You are full of good intentions towards your loved ones; you make your parents, children, or partners happy. You show unfailing dedication to beautify your daily life and manage it smoothly. The tone changes from the 15th onwards, and you adopt more offensive methods. You exchange a lot with others, and you respond with a dedication to the expectations of your loved ones. This goodwill does not exclude a desire to develop your relationships, to free them from habits you no longer want. You benefit from intuitions and insights that help you reorient your life in the right direction. The end of the month confirms the improvement and the manifestation of positive changes.

You are more mobilized by the community’s interests than your personal ambitions. Around the 20th, you start thinking about profit again. You have been concerned for some time with negotiations related to a breach of contract (professional or private) or procedures (divorces, inheritances) that increase your need to emancipate yourself from burdensome financial guardianship. You are reorienting your destiny, and your current evolution may be accompanied by economic advantages.

You are aware that you are being counted on to get things done. You know that you are part of a team. You fulfill your duties with concern for the common good until the 14th and strength and firmness between the 15th and 28th. If the beginning of the month favors exchanges and discussions, you make changes in your daily life in the second half of the month. You are transforming what needs to be altered so that your activity is closer to your aspirations. If you want to change your job or even your direction, rely on your intuition which shows you the path to fulfill yourself in your work. At the end of the month, you embark on a process that will satisfy you.

Scorpio – (Oct 22 – Nov 20)

Greedy, eager for pleasure and recognition, you multiply your charm and seduction offensives. From the 15th onwards, Mars will harden your tone just enough to reinforce your initiatives and bring them to fruition. You will insist on being let off the hook in love or business, and you will no longer tolerate being dictated to or having anything imposed upon you. You express your expectations, and you return to grace and bliss. Take full advantage of the currents that carry you through April and end it on a happy note.

Venus exalts your power of seduction. It’s an excellent time to express your feelings and search for your soul mate. From the 15th, Mars takes over, and to keep your love affair on track, don’t try to control the other person. If you are mobilized by exchanges concerning daily life management, count on Venus to put some fantasy in your love affairs. Use your charms to unblock a family situation, then use your aura to seduce with all the chances of bewitching your partner or attracting whoever you want.

Money is not one of your methods for getting love this month. But if your talents bring you money, you won’t complain. Above all, you are eager to develop yourself as you see fit without being constantly under someone’s tutelage. Your bank account is not your primary motivation for action. Still, your rise to power has earned you well-deserved recognition. Suppose this gratitude is accompanied by a financial reward. In that case, you will not spoil your pleasure, but your main objective remains to shine, not necessarily prosper financially.

Take advantage of your newfound creativity to seduce your contacts and turn them into fervent admirers. You’re putting yourself on display and have the necessary assets to impress. From the 15th onwards, you will be more directive than charming, and you will impose yourself on the front of the stage. Jupiter has strengthened your creativity, and Venus has made your talents explode. It’s up to you to negotiate them to the best of your ability by demanding that you be left free to move and make your own choices. You will then give the best of yourself. You will take advantage of your assets, and you will rally the votes around your initiatives, works, and projects that will delight your partners and interlocutors.

Sagittarius – (Nov 21– Dec 20)

Concerned about the well-being of those you love, you show tenderness to your loved ones. From the 15th onwards, you are more likely to take concrete action to improve your living conditions and those of those around you. Listening to your loved ones, you rally their support around perspectives that cut through a well-established routine but which weighs on you. You explain your plans to them and make them want to follow you. The barometer will be in good shape all month long. Jupiter favors your fulfillment. Your initiatives fulfill your desire to live following a long pursued ideal.

You have taken advantage of a favorable situation to settle down, find a home, or enlarge it. Count on Venus to consolidate your progress. From the 15th onwards, Mars will encourage you to take the lead but leave the floor to others. You attract attention and make a mark on people’s minds and hearts, but you still desire to change things in your family and improve daily life. You will have the opportunity to do so if you mobilize yourself and relaunch debates that have come to a standstill. You devote your energy to embodying an ideal of family and private life. At the end of the month, you will make a plan come true, your dreams will come true.

You need funds to beautify your home and, whatever your situation, you are inclined to spend on yourself and yours. You are expanding your horizons with your family through a change of life, a move, you know how to convince your loved ones that your investments are worthwhile. Count on Jupiter to open the floodgates and facilitate your access to well-deserved happiness.

Suppose you seem to be mobilized by specific family and personal demands. In that case, you do not lack creativity and the desire to collaborate. Your commitment is total from the 20th. You serve the interests of the community as much as your own. You participate in the joint effort. Uranus exalts your desire to change your work, your orientation, even your life. You do not want to be bored in your activity. You break with outdated habits but consult your entourage involved in your projects. You use your potential to build and improve your life at home, not to support your professional ambitions, even if one does not prevent the other.

Capricorn – (Dec 21 – Jan 19)

You get things done. Sometimes seductive, sometimes willful, you get your message across. You have the talent and power to convince. Rather fanciful, daring, and a bit provocative, your attitude seems to offend no one. Rely on your desire to overthrow the codes to surprise and seduce, on your offensive energy to make things happen. Then count on your irresistible charm to convince and bewitch anyone you want.

You are the unanimous choice of those close to you who appreciate that you do not pressure them. If Venus predisposes you to remain amicable between the 5th and the 14th, be careful from the 15th onwards as Mars encourages you to raise your voice. From the 20th onwards, count on your charisma to seduce anyone you want. Your attention is focused on your family, who are under your spell. Play on your radiance to surprise in love and seduce. Your vision of the world expands, and your life takes another direction. Your contacts with those around you are enriched and turn into almost telepathic communication. The atmosphere is conducive to the fusion of souls and hearts confirmed at the end of the month.

Suppose you have to negotiate, defend your interests. In that case, your stamina and determination will work wonders in dealings with those who hold power and money. You are more searching for recognition (of your talents, of your power of seduction) than eager for cash. You spend most of your time getting noticed rather than making a fortune. You will be fighting hard to restart a stalled process at the beginning of the month. This is the time to mobilize to assert your rights and claim the reward for your talents and merits.

A diplomatic communication allows you to mark between the 5th and the 14th. Then count on Mars to convince your interlocutors, not to coerce them. From the 20th onwards, a creative surge allows you to get noticed. You show your desire to renew your methods and express your originality. Your interlocutors will become your admirers. At the beginning of the month, you will take the lead in defending your interests and reviving business deals or negotiations that have been dragging on. Rely on inspired communication to influence your audience and get everyone to agree.

Aquarius – (Jan 20 – Feb 17)

You don’t want limits this month, and you do what you like. There are choices to be made and decisions that involve breaking with the past. If you feel stressed, you can count on a bright sky to help you hold on and find a smile and faith. You will regain confidence in yourself and your destiny, and you will not hesitate to spend a lot of money to please yourself.

Desires are multiplying. You have no desire to restrict yourself. From the 20th onwards, your family is asking for you, and you turn your attention to your personal needs to meet the expectations of your loved ones. You are in a good mood at the beginning of the month, communicating with your loved ones and making yourself understood. You will use your money wisely, even a possible increase in your income, to improve your living conditions. You find the energy to overcome recurring fatigue, and you count on Jupiter to dissolve financial limitations, the opportunity to contribute to the happiness of each and every one.

Jupiter has increased your assets between the end of December and mid-February. It’s enough to spend without counting the cost or almost. This ease does not prevent you from asking for more to invest in improving your environment. You may be tempted to spend your money buying a house or improving your own. Jupiter favors positive openings in this area and even promises to land you a windfall. Take advantage of this opportunity to pamper yourself, to spend money to improve your well-being, but reasonably.

If Venus exacerbates your thirst for gratification between the 5th and the 14th, count on Mars from the 15th to defend your interests and demand the reward of your talents and merits. Don’t give up until your wishes are granted. You will use your negotiating skills to influence your interlocutors to your advantage. In the second half of the month, you will obtain or release the necessary funds to realize a project, a professional or private change. You will explore your potential and express your under-exploited talents. Take advantage of your exalted creativity to ask for a promotion and raise, with every chance your requests will succeed.

Pisces – (Feb 18 – March 18)

Relatively confident in yourself and your powers, you demonstrate them. A spirit of conquest helps you progress. From the 20th onwards, rely on your communication skills to expand your horizons. You feel yourself growing wings, and your self-esteem level soars. You will express your thoughts openly, even if it means crossing some established boundaries. The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do, and you’ll be able to smile instantly.

Between the 5th and the 14th, Venus will adorn you with a glamorous aura, which will enchant your partner. From the 20th onwards, you will get your message across. You have a great launching pad to communicate. You enjoy ideal cosmic conditions to make a good impression on the world. Take advantage of this to set hearts aflame in a new universe opening up before you. You are throwing yourself into a story that will give your love life a boost, a dream will come true at the end of the month, and happiness seems to be on the cards.

In April, your best weapon is seduction coupled with a determination to get what you want. This is the subject that you will debate ardently. You do not lack arguments or charisma to influence whoever you wish. You succeed in pulling your weight. You aim to realize a project’s inadequacy with an ideal that motivates you. Nothing forbids it from being profitable and it allows you to make a fortune.

You will take action; Mars is driving you with a determination and a strength of strike that cannot be defeated. Take advantage of your increased energy to launch initiatives and impose yourself, but do not abuse your authority, which would be less constructive. Suppose you wish to be considered for your originality and will not remain in the shadows. In that case, you have compelling arguments to plead your case with efficiency and attract attention to you. If you have a dream to realize, rely on April to embody your aspirations. Some opportunities to broaden your horizons appear, and the end of the month looks infinitely promising and fulfilling.