Creating Momentum To Move In A New Direction

MOMENTUM    If I have  no momentum going, it’s tough to head in a new direction.  To get anywhere, I need momentum.  I need to be there in the moment – consciously – to get me there.  Inspiration propels me in a particular direction, but only I can provide the momentum.  So when I feel stuck or frozen in place, that is my signal to start heading somewhere – anywhere.  And in my desire to do something – anything – I will be led to new choices and new opportunities.

Do you ever feel you are twins taking turns at being alive?  One wakes and creates while the other waits to create.  The one who waits may lose inspiration by the time it’s her turn to create, so it’s important to integrate the two into One.  The one who waits may be the Playful, Creative one, and if she is kept waiting too long by the Working one, she may lose her desire to play and create at all.  Then she works 20 hours a day because it’s all she knows anymore and she thinks her life is fine and doesn’t realize she’s missing an entire world of exciting possibilities that she would have a blast being involved in. And it would also fuel her work that she thinks is so darned important.   There are many parts of us all waiting to take their turn at Life and so we need to allow each of them sufficient expression in order to fully integrate our personality and become One with all.  Denying any facet of ourselves its true expression serves only to limit the rest of ourselves. Bah, humbug on that.

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