Christmas Day 2014 — my first turkey breast in an oven bag

I rubbed it with a lot of fresh rosemary

……………..I rubbed it with a lot of fresh rosemary

After debating how to prepare it, I cooked a turkey breast in an oven bag — first time ever. The meat took on the flavor of the fresh herbs I rubbed it with: fresh chopped rosemary, sage, thyme, tarragon.  It was the first turkey breast I’ve ever cooked that was juicy and flavorful. It weighed almost 7 lbs and cooked at 325 for 15 minutes per pound — 101 minutes. The internal temp was 165 when I pulled it out and rose to 185 after sitting.  We had baked potatoes and I filled acorn squash halves with an eggplant, herb and crouton stuffing.  I had a saute of fresh broccoli and green beans with red pepper, and made my fave fresh broccoli salad that didn’t make it to the table.  The morning was spent in kitchen prep, and doing the dance of moving things from a large pot to a small pot.  I wash everything as I go. When I’m done cooking, the kitchen is clean before I sit down to eat. I recall one of us kids always had to do dishes as part of our chores for allowance, and there were always a ton of dishes for the family after dinner. I broke the chain of that family curse!

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