I make a nest for myself in the new studio

Today began with 4:00am meditation followed by hazelnut decaf, sitting bundled up out at the firepit. I was feeling gratitude for the great year 2014 was and pondering changes I’d like to make for 2015: become more active, create more art, make time for friends, look into eating raw foods a few times a week to maximize nutrient input.  I drove beachside and delivered the January magazine to most of the Melbourne and Indialantic stores.  I called a buddy to see if he was available for an early lunch, and we met at Golden Corral. I’d been craving their lightly fried catfish and had a giant salad of spinach, romaine, beets, tomatoes, onions, black olives, fresh broccoli and steamed asparagus with it.  I stopped to visit the homie and we hung in the studio listening to Beatles tracks and discussing what new things we might be interested in for next year.  We’re on the same page, we’re ready to find new things to be enthusiastic about!  I have a habit of making a nest everywhere I sit, and it was time I made one in the new studio.  It’s set up for the musician to walk right into the master control spot and have everything at his fingertips. The only thing was missing was a designated place for a visitor, so I set about making myself a suitable nest.  I once told a young friend who had been waiting to find  his soul mate that he had to clean out his garage so she had a place to put her car, he had to unclutter the bedroom so she had a place to sleep, and he had to fix the stove so she had a place to cook.  He did floor pillowsthose things and voila, she appeared shortly thereafter.  I moved a nightstand toward the wall and placed a pillow to sit on and one to lean on.  I made sure it was out of the way.  I scootched equipment over so there was a clear path to the window.  I opened the window.  I set up the ipad and phone on the table nearby.  Ah, comfy!  My new home away from home.