Everglades dream and I miss Danny

I’m in a home like a cabin in the everglades and visiting friends like Doug and Trish although I don’t think it’s them. I have a man with me, the cabin is in the middle of the woods and we are walking through taking a look at the setup of the rooms. I hear a bunch of kids in the distance getting closer and wonder if school is out and then wonder why they are so close to here and if they are going to break in when it’s closed down. The Trish person talks to them though as if she knows them and they don’t stay for long. It’s raining and I go to the “front door” to make sure it’s closed and the door is simply a screen that you pull across the tree branches and it doesn’t quite fit and I think the mosquitoes must come in, although I don’t see or feel any of them. Izzy is sitting just inside the front door.
end of dream

In real life, I went to bed about 9pm as it began to rain hard here, opened the garage door and let YinYang in but Izzy was nowhere to be found – I know he doesn’t like storms. 

Today was spent mostly trying to find info for a friend who needs legal counsel in Palm Beach county.  I have two friends in the hospital unexpectedly, and we had to rush to get wills and powers of attorneys etc done.  They passed within a week of each other, within days of getting the paperwork done.

Danny passing so suddenly taught me big lessons.  I had to redo my will since he was my PR.  I had a paralegal practice until a couple of years ago when the magazine got so busy, so I offer that for friends, especially when they need it in the hospital last minute.  I am a notary also.  It’s just hard to NOT help someone who doesn’t know what they need and don’t know what a tangle will be left if they don’t do it.

I miss Danny more than I can say, he was like the only “family” I had left and was truly my only confidant the past few years; the only one that never had a hidden agenda, never wanted anything from me. I truly thought we’d kinda grow old together and always be close and in touch.  One of those people that when good things happen your first thought is, ‘let me tell Danny” and now there is no one to call.

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