Awakening Kundalini and Balancing Your Chakras

chakras 7 color chart on whiteGalpal Lorraine posted on Facebook a link to a Youtube video at –> Hypnotic Tibetan Singing Bowls, Affirmations and Solfeggio Frequencies attuned to the Root Chakra.  She wrote: “I’ve sat through these before but this one is very intense, powerful. Whether you watch the video or just listen with your eyes closed, you will definitely feel a shift.”   I wrote: “Lorraine knows stuff. Have a listen.”  Being in the genre of new age self help spirituality,  I find people do a lot of different exercises to “wake up” the kundalini before they know what they’re doing. It’s one reason there’s so much neurosis and psychosis in the new age community. No one needs to wake anything up, we all just need to learn to balance ourselves.

The video was for the Muladhara, the root chakra, the first chakra.   A few years ago, I created a simple 101 Introduction To The Chakras:  When the root chakra is balanced, we have physical vitality and strength, we feel connected to nature. We are happy with our home, with our job, we feel passion, we are trusting, we feel we have enough, we feel safe and secure. We intuitively trust that life will be generous in offering us endless opportunities. We’re honest, we keep agreements and honor commitments.

Signs of root (first) chakra imbalance: Lack of energy and stamina, feelings of unreality, of not belonging, feeling unable to cope, nagging insecurities, no sense of community, worry, worry, worry. Difficulty with physical movement, coordination or circulation problems, inability to sustain energy levels, physical weakness, exhaustion, lacking in drive and enthusiasm, easily drained by company. Feelings of discontent with home, career, struggling to meet life’s basic needs, feelings of not having enough, being distrustful and insecure. Also hyperactivity, inflammation, physical tension, inability to relax, anger, fear, confusion, mood swings, impatience, anxiety, fidgeting, intolerance, violent outbursts.

Suggestions to balance the root chakra: Breathe in the energy of red, while listening to music in the key of C. Breathe into your chakras every morning as part of your spiritual practice. Walk and garden so you can get close to nature. Create a home you feel safe and secure in. Make amends to those you’ve cheated. Make peace with your family of origin. Eat nutritiously and be physically active every day. Take responsibility for yourself – it’s empowering.

I know, it’d be nice to think that someone can lay stones and crystals along my body, and play some singing bowls and that will balance my chakras for me, with no effort on my part.  The trick is that the balance takes place FIRST in my consciousness and is then reflected in my body (physical conditions) and mind (psychological and emotional states, yearnings and compulsions).

So if I go to a healer friend of mine who does all of the above, stones and crystals, dowsing, playing the crystal bowls, chanting and praying, if while he is doing that I mentally go within and bring to mind anyone in the past whom I’ve – intentionally or not – cheated, and contemplate that deeply enough that I forgive myself and feel forgiven, that is alchemy.  That is bringing me to balance. That is facilitating the easy flow of kundalini through that first chakra.

If I take the time to go within and make peace with the family I was raised with, to understand and reconcile and be content with everything as it is, no matter what happened, or continues to happen.  No matter who was right or wrong.  If I can forgive everyone, including myself, and let myself be free of it, that is alchemy.  That is bringing me to balance.  That is facilitating the flow of kundalini through that first chakra.

But without the mental work?  No change, you’re stuck.  You’re clogged.  Especially if you’re convinced you know a higher truth and are not open to considering other options.  That’s a big sign of chakra imbalance.

But as far as doing exercises to raise kundalini?  The consciousness that thinks that their kundalini needs to be raised in the first place is not the conciousness that will “get it” through an exercise. Some people think they need to raise their kundalini in order to “ascend.”  We “ascend” by working through the challenges in our own daily lives, by striving to see and understand the points of view of others. We know we’re ascending when we allow others to make statements we don’t agree with and commit acts we wouldn’t choose for ourselves without openly fighting against it.

When your first chakra is balanced, you have lots of energy, you feel a part of things around you, you’ve got a grip on your life, you feel motivated, you feel well provided for, you trust those around you.  When you first chaka is balanced, you are able to relax, your mood is even, you are patient and tolerant, you don’t feel the need to change anything around you.

Our chakras are our personal energy centers. They process and regulate the life force through our body. When our chakras are balanced, we feel good, we’re stress free, we’re happy, we’re healthy, we feel creative, we’re making money, and everything seems to flow just fine in our life.

For a basic overview of the chakras, click here.  You’ll find symptoms of imbalance, as well as suggestions to come back into balance.  You’ll know right away which ones are yours.

So work on balancing, rather than raising kundalini.  You’ll save yourself a lot of unnecessary drama and grief.

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