A lucid psychic dream of a family reunion

Circle of people, holding handsI’ve been having vivid dreams.  Last night I dreamed of a year ago, when several loved ones passed within days of an accident.  I wrote at I have a lucid mom visitation as loved ones are passing that it was a most vivid dream of our family gathering in a circle around the hospital bed and singing together.  Last night’s dream was a vivid family reunion of those who’ve passed.  It felt absolutely real.    I find it interesting that I get the big thought-provoking experiences like this immediately before a big job, where I won’t be able to give it much thought time until the end of the work day. Maybe that’s my body’s way of integrating it before pondering it the significance. The dream may have been precipitated by the psychic energy surrounding today’s Psychic Fair at Book and Bead Outlet, since the other readers and I’ve been messaging each other about last minute details.  My experience is that whenever there’s a flurry of psychic energy, a message is likely to pop up where you least expect it. Today, however, we’re expecting psychic messages all over the place.  My cousin says the new paint job is causing the dreams – in that case, I’ll leave him to finish the job while I’m out.

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