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Don’t be so quick to get close

I had an interesting session last night, but a universal scenario for friends “seeking their soulmate”. If you want to save yourself heartbreak, wasted time and aggravation, don’t be so quick to move in with someone, don’t be too quick to make a long distance relationship local. There is magic in taking time to get to know someone. Don’t think you know them until you have seen them unhappy and angry and insecure. Don’t think you know them until you have met family and friends from the past and see how they react to old stories told about them. Don’t think you know who they are until you’ve spent at least 7500 hours with them, whether it takes three years to do that or whether it takes one. Everyone wants to get married during the infatuation period before they get to know someone, that’s universal also. The real test is when they are in your face everyday for days and weeks and months at a time so you can see the different facets of their personality.

Detoxing and deciding to give up cable

magic of belle isleI think I’m finally ready to give up cable tv .  Right after my smudging the whole house yesterday, I had a tummy bug for a few days, proving to me that toxins were being released. I wasn’t releasing anything in particular, it just felt time for a cleansing. I lounged in bed for a few days watching Netflix and getting familiar with what’s on Amazon Prime. I watched Morning Glory with Harrison Ford and The Magic of Belle Isle.  Morgan Freeman, a blocked author, rents a cabin for the summer.  A 9 year old neighbor girl pays him $34.18 to teach her to use her imagination. She asks for a refund more than once. He doesn’t mind. He likes working on a deadline.    Continue reading

Only love enters this space and only love leaves

wooded trailI spent much of yesterday trying to get back to sleep so I could have a proper wake up and start for the day. Too often I let my days and nights run together. That’s the beauty of working from home. I was about to nap at 8am when the man texted he was going for his walk. I vacuumed the floors and emptied the dishwasher before he got here. That gave me my second wind. I cooked breakfast while we visited, a spinach mushroom cheddar omelet atop a romaine and cherry tomato salad. We hung out on the porch under the tall oaks and watched Benny show off in the yard. My screened in back porch is surrounded by a hedge I keep pruned in a lacey fashion to let light and wind through and so I can watch the critters as they cross the yard. Sitting on the porch, you’re looking into the west woods, it’s a serene scene.   Continue reading

How do you know who to trust?

Someone you’ve known for a lifetime can suddenly turn into someone you don’t know. How do you know who to trust? By paying attention to your own integrity and keeping yourself in a good emotional place – whatever that takes. That is what keeps you in the company of good friends and happy situations. The faces may change, the locations may change, but when you make your first priority to maintain your own resonance in a place of integrity and fun, your life and everything in it will morph to keep you in that flow. Anyone who resonates otherwise will soon drop away. That’s how you know who to trust. By paying attention to your own integrity and keeping yourself in a good emotional place so you attract the same.

Psychic Fair Sunday November 22, 2015 at Book and Bead in Merritt Island. Have your questions ready.

psychic reader2-9-14 reading at Book and Bead copyThe next psychic fair will be Sunday November 22, 2015, at Book And Bead Outlet Merritt Island from 11:00am – 4:00pm. Readings are just $12 for 10 minutes. Call Chris at 321-453-2665 if you’d like an advance appointment. See the event flyer and store coupon –> here. See some of your favorite psychics including me! Stop by and say hi in person. FREE Admission. 950 N. Courtenay Pkwy in Merritt Island,FL 32953 just north of 520, located behind McDonald’s, turn right into shopping plaza.  At our session, have your questions ready.  At psychic fairs where mini readings are limited to 10 minutes in a crowded room, you’ll ask me a question.  “I don’t have a question,” many say, ” just tell me what you see around me.”      Continue reading

Samhain/Halloween/Day of the Dead: Make Peace With Your Ancestors

samhain-blessingsThis weekend is Samhain/Halloween and Day of the Dead, said to be a time of the thinning of the veil between our world and the nonphysical world of spirit. It’s a time to mark the ongoing cycle of life and death and honor our ancestors and loved ones who have passed. It’s a  time to move energy from darkness to light. This year, I had several loved ones pass and I’ll spend time tonight reflecting on our lineage and having known them.   Continue reading