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Uranus Opposition Weight Gain? Work on everything during the ages of 39-43

A friend and I talk astrology and she has just gone thru what they call –> the Uranus Opposition in astrology, ages 39-43, what society calls mid life crisis.  During this transit, we experience unexpected events that shake up our old realities, messengers bearing synchronistic messages that jar us loose from old perceptions, feelings of restlessness and anxiety that disrupt old patterns.  The Chinese oracle the I Ching interprets crisis as an opportunity in disguise. In this case, the opportunity is for re-assessment and re-evaluation of our strengths and our weaknesses, an opportunity to delve more deeply into the emotional baggage or imprinting that we carry from the past.  Within three years, her life was completely different. She had a new home, she had a budding new career, her relationships had changed. She also gained over 50 pounds that she couldn’t get rid of.

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Update from the art studio

dancers 7-26-14 copyI’ve been spending my leisure time painting this week and sharing my updates on Facebook. It all began as I was organizing the supply closet and pulled out an acrylic painting (shown left) I’d begun several years ago.  A car accident halted the project in 2000 and I never got back to it. I had the idea to pull out my acrylic paints and finish it up.  That led to my former dining room becoming the art studio and the igniting of my renewed interest in painting.  While I had a supply of good acrylic paints, I was missing a selection of portraiture hues, so I bought a set remarkably cheap online.  It was a set of 48 Liquitex Basic Liquitex basics paint set 48acrylics.  I had a few canvasses but Michael’s had a sale, so I bought a dozen more. Ok, maybe I got a little carried away. My mission had been to do whatever was necessary so I could finish the faces in the one acrylic painting. Now I’ve got a dozen canvases to fill and new paints to do it with. And here I’d been wanting to play in watercolors…   Continue reading

I had the right size wood to fix the neighbor’s mailbox

My neighbor’s mailbox came down in the weekend storm when the water crumbled the particleboard that fastened it to the post, then the wind blew it down. I synchronistically had a piece of 1/2″ plywood the exact size. Using my trusty Black and Decker electric screwdriver, I had it fixed in less than 10 minutes!

Be aware of storefront psychics like Tina on AIA Cocoa Beach

fortune teller 72psychic readerLast week I received three phone calls about the storefront psychic on AIA in Cocoa Beach named Tina who can apparently remove curses from you for $400. Doris in Melbourne on US 1 does the same. Buyer beware. They advertise a $5 palm reading or $20 psychic reading, then they get you concerned about something and up-sell the curse removal. They upset you to up-sell you. You’re already upset or you wouldn’t go see them in the first place. As a seeker with a question, you’re vulnerable whether you think you are or not. A friend wrote, “Yep! she has been at this for years and I had MANY friends get scammed big time and even energetically damaged with things that were recommend for them to do to “Remove the Curse” This used to make me really upset till I learned that most of these people were looking for quick fixes to the issues they had that required lots of self work. I had friends who told me about another one, her name is Doris on US 1 she charges $800 – $1000.”
Andrea: The thing is that — due to vibrational matching — we always attract those we resonate in harmony with at any given time. If our emotions are wildly out of balance, we may temporarily vibe in a place that attracts chaotic others. Taking time to do your research and wait for good word of mouth recommendations will give you time to get in a more cohesive vibe and attract a more satisfying result.

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No worries when the physical form begins crumbling away

heart shineA friend wrote: “I have chipped a tooth. Just a tiny bit but still I’m upset. More evidence of my physical form crumbling away.” Thank goodness our consciousness and our essential self survive physical death, right? At 62, I look at my body as an ongoing biology lesson. When aches and pains and ills move through it, I know they come to pass and not to stay. Yay for the physical form crumbling away so more of the radiant shining YOU can blaze through. You look mahvelous, dahling.

You can have a different experience, no matter what anyone else is doing

Am author friend doesn’t like free books and believes they are detrimental to her as a published author.  I believe she can have a different experience, regardless of what anyone else is doing.  I remarked, “Changing your focus away from resistant thought on that topic will give you more success on that topic. Consider maybe your great good fortune wasn’t meant to come from your writing, but something else entirely. In that case, you’d write for the joy and sharing of the journey, and let the dollars flow from whatever other source it wants. If you don’t look at writing as a source of $$, the game changes, entirely. Writing is not your supply, God/Source is your supply. Everything you need will pour out of you, just as the oak tree pours out of the acorn. When I finally “got” that, my world changed. Don’t let the topic of free books make you think your books will get any less attention. It won’t unless you firmly believe it will.”

Bless the messengers sent to shine light on shadows not fully released

Domino has been having some spectacular insights and I can relate. He wrote of someone who’d contacted him full of anger, fear and resentment. He wrote how although it was painful, he understood how they saw it the way they did and this person was clearly a messenger to shine light on shadow he’d not yet released. I resonated with it as it reminded me of my ex publicly declaring “wanting to mend the past” and instead privately blowing up and coming up with all new fibs and accusations he never brought up during the relationship. I judged he repaid my kindness and compassion with hatefulness and deceit. Only now do I realize he was being as sincere as he could be. I attracted out of him exactly what I experienced, so vibrationally I was not a victim but a volunteer. I apologize for not being more conscious. It’s never my place to judge, ever. I am only now coming to realize the lessons learned from my messenger.  Domino writes: “Thank you Facebook friends. I am feeling happier than I’ve felt in months and you really helped me. ”   Continue reading

When you begin fulfilling your soul’s purpose, it will become easy to attract the people who want what you have to offer.

easy buttonWhen you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, it’s easy to attract the people who want what you have to offer. You don’t have to pound the pavement or try to push your product or service down someone’s throat. They’ll recognize the value, they’ll see the talent and they’ll want some of it. If you’re doing what you love to do and not earning a living from it, there is simply another talent you’re overlooking.  You’re not seeing the bigger picture.  If you can do what you love to do, whether money is involved or not, the dollars follow.  If you notice the dollars haven’t shown up yet and complain about how ungrateful and unsupportive people are, you are looking for the wrong people to support your vision.  They are not your market.  You are barking up the wrong target audience. You want the ones who want what you have to offer. The ones you want to be selling to and are not: clearly you are not a vibrational match right now.  When it’s right, it’s easy. There’s no struggle.  You can either find your other talent, or you can change your perception to vibrate in resonance with those who ARE grateful and DO support your vision and WANT what you have to offer. Then it’ll begin to flow.  Then it will be easy.

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What I discovered when I did a music fast

I went from this

I went from this

I did an experiment the past 12 months.  I limited my time spent listening to popular music because I wanted to come out on the other side with a deeper appreciation for it.   In rearranging furniture a year ago, I stuck the stereo and cd player in the closet, then forgot about it for about a week.  That spurred me on to do the exercise of a short fast from popular music.  I rarely played it in the car, opting for silence instead.  I don’t usually have music on. I did listen to kirtan chants and indian devotional bhajans and ragas.   Continue reading

A sleeping, painting stay-cation in my perfect life

sleep_2342068bThe past several months I’ve been seriously catching up on my sleep. The beauty of a sleeping disorder is when the pendulum swings, the insomnia disappears, and I sleep many times throughout a 24 hour period.  Sleep changes everything! When insomnia hits, it can last for months and years, but I’m used to it so I take natural herbal sleep supplements when it does –> those links here.  I’ve been having vivid dreams since I’m getting plenty of REM sleep.  It’s a fascinating meditation: deciphering my own dreams throughout the day to find the personal meaning and correlation.  I’m always on the lookout for the personal spiritual lesson in everything. Yes, it’s all about me.  More dreams = more contemplation = more insights = more the creative juices flow.   I wrote how –> my new art studio was inspiring me, so I’ve been in there playing with the acrylics.  It’s easy to get lost in painting, the time flies and it’s a mental vacation getting to paint until I’m tired, then nap and get up and paint again.    Continue reading