Uranus Opposition Weight Gain? Work on everything during the ages of 39-43

A friend and I talk astrology and she has just gone thru what they call –> the Uranus Opposition in astrology, ages 39-43, what society calls mid life crisis.  During this transit, we experience unexpected events that shake up our old realities, messengers bearing synchronistic messages that jar us loose from old perceptions, feelings of restlessness and anxiety that disrupt old patterns.  The Chinese oracle the I Ching interprets crisis as an opportunity in disguise. In this case, the opportunity is for re-assessment and re-evaluation of our strengths and our weaknesses, an opportunity to delve more deeply into the emotional baggage or imprinting that we carry from the past.  Within three years, her life was completely different. She had a new home, she had a budding new career, her relationships had changed. She also gained over 50 pounds that she couldn’t get rid of.

When our world is turning upside down is when the (unconscious) need for protection kicks in.  If we don’t counteract the steam pressure stress, the cells of the body begin armoring themselves. The greater the emotional conflict, the more armoring takes place, the more layers of fat pile on. My experience is when we drop emotional baggage from the past, we are gifted with a miraculous breakthrough. Physical weight begins falling off, doors of opportunity open, relationships improve.  That’s because we begin vibing in a new place and all these things are in the new place.  So take the ages 39-43 to evaluate where you are relative to where you want to be. Clear up emotional baggage as it comes into your consciousness. You will encounter people from the past and have a chance to make amends or learn new lessons.  Take everything as a mirror for self reflection. Work on Everything! That’s how to effectively handle the Uranus Opposition.