A sleeping, painting stay-cation in my perfect life

sleep_2342068bThe past several months I’ve been seriously catching up on my sleep. The beauty of a sleeping disorder is when the pendulum swings, the insomnia disappears, and I sleep many times throughout a 24 hour period.  Sleep changes everything! When insomnia hits, it can last for months and years, but I’m used to it so I take natural herbal sleep supplements when it does –> those links here.  I’ve been having vivid dreams since I’m getting plenty of REM sleep.  It’s a fascinating meditation: deciphering my own dreams throughout the day to find the personal meaning and correlation.  I’m always on the lookout for the personal spiritual lesson in everything. Yes, it’s all about me.  More dreams = more contemplation = more insights = more the creative juices flow.   I wrote how –> my new art studio was inspiring me, so I’ve been in there playing with the acrylics.  It’s easy to get lost in painting, the time flies and it’s a mental vacation getting to paint until I’m tired, then nap and get up and paint again.   

My mind and body love all the sleep we’re getting! I’m lucky to have carved out a life for myself where I am the boss and can sleep and work at my own schedule.  And lucky to have attracted a partner who has done the same.  When I sleep at night, our working/sleeping schedules sync up and we enjoy lots of hang out time! When I don’t, we still connect several times a day. He’ll stop by for coffee and breakfast on his daily walk.  We’ll run business errands together, the post office, the bank.  Nearing sundown, I’ll see if he wants to go to the pool for an hour and we hit the grocery on the way back. We’re both self employed, both writers, plus both workaholics so we spend much of our time working, and that suits me fine.  We alternate between shop talk, deep and meaningful conversation and slapstick laughter.  It’s my fave combination 🙂

This is not me, I'm right handed!

This is not me, I’m right handed!

So, the increased sleep has let me lighten up on work some, and I’ve been spending time relaxing.  In the heat of the summer, I tend to let the yard go on autopilot except for mowing and pruning on a weekly walk around the property.  Since my most of my property is under a deep oak canopy, mowing the front and back takes 20 minutes. I’m an in-the-garden gal when the weather is cool, but at 85+ heat and humidity, and misquitoes, I’m happy to have the new paint studio inside to play in. Painting gives me as much satisfaction as my long Spring days spent gardening: energized in the doing of it and worked to completion at the finish.

This morning we moved some tables around to give more space in the art studio for the stand up easel.  We moved the water cooler to the south wall and the teas overhead.  It gave a lot more room!  And I’m getting ready to move the stereo to open up more space. I’ll keep you posted.  But first… I feel another nap coming on.