Want miracles in your life? Schedule daily contemplation time

Ok, maybe daily time is stretching it for some people at first, but it will grow on you. “If you only knew how many miracles you’ve already performed, nothing would ever again overwhelm you, frighten you, or seem impossible.” We usually DO know what miraculous things happen to us, but sometimes we’re rushing around so fast that we need them pointed out to us.  It’s easy to forget them when life catches us up in its flow. We don’t always have time to remember. If we make that time, if we set aside time for daily reflection, we will begin to notice more than we originally saw. When we notice something, when we keep our mind on a topic, we begin to see more clearly. If you’re contemplating the miracles and synchronicities and aha moments in your life, you will begin to attract more of those. You will begin to see where you made good decisions, where you might have made other choices. You’ll begin to see the patterns in what you do and in what those around you do. When you see the patterns, that’s when you begin to see the future. Call that a miracle but it’s just a fact of life when you are attuned to your guidance system. You become attuned to it through inner reflection. By asking the deeper questions and being in enough silence for the answer.

I turn into a different person when I don’t take silent time to contemplate. When my life is such that I find myself running around putting out fires, when I’m around emotions flaring and unresolved.  When I let myself get caught up in that, for whatever reason, that leaves me with no thought time for personal reflection. When I trade my silent time for interaction and my sleep time for play, it’s easy for me to step off the path and fall out of daily practice. My daily practice of silence, contemplation, inner reflection, meditation, journalling.

I reflect on the times I found myself in unwanted situations and in each instance, I had allowed myself to fall out of my daily practice by getting caught up in friends’ lives.  It was my fault. It was my choice where to keep my attention and for how long. When I allow myself to do what I know has been unhelpful in the past, that just shows me who I am. My August Horoscope read: There will surely be a show down. The one who comes out on top will be someone who is balanced just and fair in all their dealings. Be prepared to be seen as you truly are. 

A friend said, “That sounds scary!” Scary? That sounds liberating to me.  The showdown was one I had in consciousness, clearing the residue of a former issue. Having had enough time and space to regain myself and view a situation in retrospect, I see what I took as a personal affront was merely getting caught up in something I could have chosen to give no attention to. No praise or blame.  I realize that when I take the time to contemplate my life. Sh*t happens.

Miracles happen also. When I make time to contemplate the day’s happenings, to look for the order in it, to bring to mind the miracles and synchronicities of it, that’s when I begin to notice more miracles. That’s when I begin to attract more miracles.  My life is living proof that the better it gets, the better it gets.
Everything is holy now.