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Asking a question of the tarot cards

This also goes for questions to a psychic reader, whether they use cards or not.  Write your question to show that you accept responsibility for your situation. Consider these two questions:
Should I put my father in a nursing home, or take care of him in my house?
What do I need to know to decide on the best living arrangements for my father?
In the first question, the writer gives up her responsibility for making a decision. She wants the cards to tell her what to do. In the second question, she is simply asking the cards to give her more information. She knows the decision lies with her. Continue reading

Why do you keep attracting it? Not how, but why?

You know that stuff in your life that keeps driving you crazy? Those people who won’t get out of your face? Well, why do you keep attracting them? Not “how,” since we know the answer to that is “by my attention to them.” But WHY?

This is the stuff dreams are made of

So easy, sharing stories. Talk and laughter long into the night. Early morning drives to the river, the ocean. Drinking coffee beachside, waking up to the sunrise. So easy, so natural. Following the moon. Searching for red peppers and Rome apples. Working in the garden under the shade of the oaks. A romaine and crisy tofu salad, three black olives. Anticipating the chant.  Enjoying the unfolding. Who knew it could be so easy?

Goodbye Raccoon Eyes

I went into the post office yesterday morning wearing no makeup whatsoever. A friend remarked they barely recognized me without my signature raccoon eyes.  Me, too. I could say I’m toning it down for the summer, but actually someone has me laughing so many times a day that it gets cried off regularly, so it made sense to stop wearing  it.  My mom used to say she could tell how insecure I was feeling by how much eye makeup I had on. I particularly favored what she called the “two burn holes in a blanket” look. I’ve spent more time wiping laughter tears from my eyes and reapplying eye makeup the last couple of months than two years’ worth of raccoon eyes. That’s kinda high maintenance for me. so, for now, goodbye raccoon eyes.

I need a sweet after my sessions with the pastry chef

Last night I made a frozen treat, blending fresh peaches, cherries, almond milk, cinnamon and cayenne, pouring into single serving bowls covered with plastic and frozen overnight.  I just finished a reading with a pastry chef client and I always want something sweet after a session with her. I like that a lot better than the residual coffee, cigarettes and beer left in the energy field after other clients… Not hating, just saying.  Different people leave a different taste in my mouth, literally.

Celebrating expansion

It’s been awhile since I felt this free in my own home. I spent a year behind closed blinds, walled in with wall hangings as room dividers inside, with trees and hedges lining the outside. I felt I had to keep myself to myself, safe and secure away from… whatever my mind came up with at the time. Lately I’ve been breaking down the walls inside and out and it feels good.  For the first time in a dozen years, I have zero wall hangings up in the living room sitting area.  None. The place feels huge and expansive.  I can look right out the sliding glass door to the backyard and right out the front windows into the courtyard. I feel I no longer have anything that I need to keep a barrier between.  Not that I’d been shutting anything out, just that I’m someone who likes a lot of privacy.  Some friends are easier than others to share time and space with Some friends have such a gentle ease about them that their very presence encourages expansion. When I spend time with those friends, the walls come down and my world becomes huge and limitless.  All things seem possible. My world just became even more wonderful.

Please don’t stare at me while I’m working or sleeping

I’ve got this… little quirk.  When I am working or sleeping, I don’t like someone watching me. I’m not talking about a casual glance over at me, I mean a sustained direct looking at me if I am otherwise engaged.  My psychic training included training my nervous system to be extremely sensitive to the energy field around me.  It’s one reason I eat the foods I eat and have the meditation disciplines I have. After surprising a pal whose gaze woke me up when I crashed on his couch, I contemplated why I consider it/label it invasive or oppressive.  Then I thought, that must be what performers feel from the audience.  It IS a tangible thing that can be felt in the air.  Some people enjoy it, some not so much. Continue reading

Yes, the best is yet to be, but these are the good old days

Sitting on the beach at sunset, chanting and watching the tide come in. Waiting for the full moon to rise, the beach almost empty, one couple here, another walking by. Lightning. A sandy scurry home to open doors to watch the light display and listen to the rain. The moon stayed hidden by the clouds, even now still hiding.  These are the moments that make life blissful. Just simply this.