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Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, “You owe Me.” Look what happens with a love like that… It lights the whole sky. Hafiz

What does it mean when I see coins around him?

I was just talking to a friend and in my mind’s eye I saw coins around him, so I asked, “have you been talking to someone about coins?”  He replied, “No. But I put my errant coins in a bag tonight. I’ve been telling myself for about two weeks I need to put all my coins through the machine at Wal-mart.”  Getting impressions is easy.  Learning what they mean is a whole ‘nother thang.

If I’m in the presence of something I am not a vibrational match to, I can miss it completely even if it is right in front of me

I’ve learned that if I’m in the presence of something I’m not a vibrational match to, I can completely miss it even if it is inches from my face.  I had an interesting happening this evening.   A friend lives on the corner and comes home from work at the same time each night.  I time my nightly walk to end up at the corner to say hi.  I was on the phone as I walked out the door; having the phone meant I could keep checking the time.  The moon was full and bright and the night air was a cool 54 degrees.  Since I didn’t see him as I expected at 9:42pm, I went farther down the road and had fun playing in the shadows from the pine woods hammock across the street.  It had been a good day and I had a fun song going through my head.  At all times I had his driveway in my view. Continue reading

Ailey Hines donates violin to homeless 10 year old Jazmin, thanks to a Facebook shout out

Jazmin with violin donated by Ailey Hines

Last Sunday, a friend shared a post on Facebook with a link to “Seeking violin for a homeless child: I am the Case Manager for a 10 year old homeless child, who is in need of a violin. She watches Charlie Daniels music videos of him playing all the time which has inspired her to learn how to play a violin. My clients school offers classes, but if you do not have your own instrument, then you must pay $10 a month, which is not in the budget of a young homeless child. That has not stopped her from sitting in the class to just watch and listen to the music of the violin playing. I would like to help this young child with receiving a violin. If your organization can help, please contact me. Receiving an instrument for a homeless child is like becoming a millionaire, a dream that she feels will never happen.” Facebook friend  Ailey Hines donated her violin to 10 year old Jazmin. She is a homeless child living in a shelter, with a love for music. This year Christmas came early for this child and remember that name!!! Jazmin, the violinist.”

Don’t think I am incompassionate because I am not sentimental

It is not that I am unsympathetic to the troubles of the world, it is that I understand that how I feel about a situation adds to the world mix of combined thought power, and that is what determines future experience.  When I hear of trouble, whether through a friend, on the news or upon hearing a siren, I immediately send up a prayer: “Bless them, bless this situation,” and consider for a moment that they’re in capable hands, everything will work out as it should, things can be easier and less severe than it now appears.  Then I continue on my merry way.  I don’t put a bunch of posts on Facebook showing every traumatic happening, such as the hurricane makes her way up the coast.  I don’t focus on that at all because that’s not what I want to add to the mix.  I want to add hope and reason, I want to add understanding, thankfulness and relief.  So when I don’t repost your disaster photos, I’m just holding the Light my friend, just holding the Light.

Please leave me out of your silly girl sh*t while I’m over here trying to save the world

Iz you iz or iz you ain't

I giggle that I unfriended someone not because she keeps contacting my bf, but because she continually references their prior sexual relationship and inviting him into another. It’s become a topic of conversation among friends “I don’t know why she unfriended me,” who feel the need to keep the stories coming back to me. She’s never once asked me why. Girls, I’ve been around the block and he is his own man. I don’t have time for stuff like this, ok? I’m flattered, but there’s enough to go around. Abundance abounds, in all things. Plus I’m over here trying to save the world and stuff and can’t be bothering wondering iz he iz or iz he ain’t my baby.

I was talking about you,
You silenced me.
I tasted your sweetness and everything stopped.
Bewildered, I fled to the house of my heart
and there, you caught me. Rumi.