If I’m in the presence of something I am not a vibrational match to, I can miss it completely even if it is right in front of me

I’ve learned that if I’m in the presence of something I’m not a vibrational match to, I can completely miss it even if it is inches from my face.  I had an interesting happening this evening.   A friend lives on the corner and comes home from work at the same time each night.  I time my nightly walk to end up at the corner to say hi.  I was on the phone as I walked out the door; having the phone meant I could keep checking the time.  The moon was full and bright and the night air was a cool 54 degrees.  Since I didn’t see him as I expected at 9:42pm, I went farther down the road and had fun playing in the shadows from the pine woods hammock across the street.  It had been a good day and I had a fun song going through my head.  At all times I had his driveway in my view.

As i walked I could see the lights from every car approaching and passing by.  At 10:13pm, standing at the corner, I decided to go sit out at the firepit. I posted that on Facebook and walked back home.  When I got home, caller id showed my friend had called at 10:06pm. I called back and the line kept being busy so I walked back down and told him the story.  He laughed and said they walked in the house and he went to the phone and called me.  I recognized that as what I jokingly call “a trick of the Universe.”  Clearly I was meant to get so lost dancing in the shadows under the full moon, singing in my head, that I missed a car driving up and sitting right in front of me. That I missed the headlights against the dark street.  My “proof” was the time stamp of my Facebook post and his number on caller id. I laughed to think here I was trying to prove to myself that something that clearly happened, could not have happened. I just crack myself up sometimes.  Sometimes, there is simply a greater reality.

Years ago I was married to a very charming, very severe alcoholic.  He had an apartment in town for those times he was drinking.  Married or not, I never want to be trapped with a drunk in my own home, ever.   One day I came home from work and fell asleep for exactly 10 minutes about 6:00pm.  I woke up and went about my evening routine and was surprised when he called an hour later furious that I’d ignored the doorbell when he visited at 6:00pm.  He said he rang the bell several times and knocked on the door (I have a giant heavy door knocker) and that he knocked on each of the windows as well.   I called my across the street neighbor who confirmed Lee had indeed made quite a ruckus.  Lee had been drinking tequila for several days and was drunk out of his mind as he stood at my door.  Clearly the Universe saved me by sending me into so deep a sleep that I was completely unaware of the sound.  It was a good thing because he was in his typical angry at the world mood.  His being argumentative was another reason we lived apart and why he did not have a key to my home.  Had I been a vibrational match to my husband’s mood, we could have gotten into an argument that could have ended badly.  This more notable due to the fact of his recent parole from serving time for manslaughter of his previous wife.

But I don’t attract things like that.  I don’t initiate arguments, I don’t respond to argument.  I am pretty mellow.  I understand some people just have to have space to blow up, without me fighting back and without me being condescending.  I was never for a moment in danger with him.  He could also be a very kind man. He could be withdrawn, always carrying the guilt of the accident that claimed his wife. He felt misunderstood and unique in his situation.  He could also be very fun and playful and it was those times we resonated in tune most often.  When he was angry and depressed and drunk, not so much.

What these experiences have taught me is that even if I’m in the presence of something I am not a vibrational match to, I can miss it completely even if it is right in front of my face.

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