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When you decide enough is enough and give notice at the wrong job, you make room for the right job to find you

It's all just a cosmic game

When I’m not glued to Facebook, that means I’m away from the computer having real life adventures. This past week has been a week of synchronicities and adventures being in the vortex.  My friend Domino had an upcoming expense and I asked a friend if she had a few day’s work for him and we were stoked that she did. Domino has been looking for a job for several months.  He was grateful for the work he was given, and it served to provide him with enough contrast that he was able to get clear on what it was he wanted as far as long term employment.  We often talk about what he’s looking for as far as work and he didn’t always have strong opinions.  However, nine hours after working in a hot, stuffy, crowded area he came home with blisters on both hands and degenerative discs barking.   Continue reading

Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy

From 1992 to 1996 I was married to Lee.  Lee was a troubled soul.  In the 80’s, he’d served 6 years on a Texas prison for an alcohol-related incident in which his wife died.  I met Lee when he paroled to Florida to live with his father.  A DUI charge bought him into the law office where I worked and we immediately hit it off.  Lee’s downfall was that he drowned himself daily in the self talk of his own mental anguish. Continue reading

A funny fondest memory

I spoke to a many-lifetimes-together soulmate friend the other day and we were talking about the good old days.  He told me one of his fondest memories was of me putting him in his place when he kept hitting on me during meditation sessions.  “You really got mad – that is not what this is about,” he mocked.  I’d told him he would have a shakti reaction, that the breath work we were doing together would activate his kundalini and transference would happen, and not to take it personally.  It would fade with time and pass soon enough, to just keep doing the work.  He laughed, recalling how serious I was.  Fondest memory, indeed.  Brat.

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I spend Monday morning at our local county offices

A friend asked me last week if I was drawing my late husband’s Social Security and I did not even know I was entitled to do something like that at age 60.   I went to the website and read what they said about widow’s benefits.  The first thing on my To do list for today was to go to the local clerk of the court’s office and obtain a certified copy of his 1996 death certificate and take it to the Social Security office to see if I was entitled to anything. Continue reading

Sunday, funday, more uncluttering and space clearing

At the bird bath

This morning I awoke early and well rested after yesterday’s uncluttering.  I began in the garage, first driving my Prius out onto the driveway so I had an empty space as a staging area.  I first moved my trusty sawhorses into place and made a table by setting on top of them two 1″ x 8″ shelves about 8 feet long.  I began pulling  items down that were not where they belonged.  I made a few stacks of that:  string, wire, rope, that would all be placed together somewhere.  Duct tape, masking tape, painter’s tape would all go together.  Painting supplies by themselves and wood carving supplies on their own.  Bicycle maintenance gear will have its own shelf near the compressors.   I set my little Ryobi air compressor to charge and swept a clean space on the floor for the heavier electric compressor.  I’d set my portable drill to charge the day before, so it was good to go.    Continue reading

The joy and the yoga of cohabitation

I wrote a few months ago that I’d acquired a roommate after more than a dozen years of self imposed solitary living.  It’s both a joy and a yoga having someone around all the time.  It helps that he’s a best friend and adventure partner as well, and we share many of the same interests.  I have odd sleeping and eating patterns, so we often sleep at different times and rarely eat the same meal at the same time.  Except late night popcorn!  I am used to having giant spans of hours and days not having to speak to anyone, living in my silent world, tv usually muted but on since I use it as caller id.  I’ve noticed myself gravitating to more tv now, with the sound on, since there are a few shows we watch together.  That can quickly turn into sitting in front of the tv during times I formerly spent watering the plants, doing yoga in the garden, working on home or yard projects, going to the gym, sleeping, and having phone sessions all through the night. Continue reading

I light incense several times a day, to trigger my mind into conscious awareness of the Now

Mmmm Blue Pearl stick incense, frankincense.  I’ve just recently rediscovered that one.  I light incense several times a day, to trigger my mind into conscious awareness of the Now moment.  In the Now moment, all is well in my world, all are happy and peaceful, we have plenty.  I have no complaint whatsoever.  What is happening in your Now moment?

A little more uncluttering, some painting and I’ll have my new space

I’m a morning person.  I’m up at first light, feet on the floor and ready to get into the day.  This past week I’ve been in and out of the garage and shed, moving items, discarding items, recycling items, setting old books aside to give away.  I love it when I get on a kick like this, because I always end up with so much more space than I thought I had. I never have much clutter, just the occasional closet or scrap wood pile to organize and straighten up.  At dawn this morning after meditation I went out and moved some white shelving and vertical blinds from the garage into the shed, also the bicycle and a straight backed chair.  I moved a dozen cardboard boxes out of the shed and into the garage to cut up for recycling. Continue reading

I am not a fan of the cookie cutter bookseller mass marketeers

*Yawn* Cookie Cutter Marketing

I’ve heard it all by now. A friend sent me a message about an upcoming event and mentioned several authors, one of whom I said I did not follow his work.  I wrote, “I know who that (popular and famous) author is, I am not a fan of that whole genre of mass marketing, however I know it’s valuable as some can only “get” an idea once it’s been rehashed and diluted down to a homeopathic dose.   Being in the business, I am at the receiving end of many authors and publicists and get everyone’s promotional material. I see what the market gets flooded with and am amused at what and who becomes popular with the buying public, and why.”  I was referring to one of the writers who became popular after The Secret came out.

Continue reading