What are you dialed in to?

The part of my job I love the most is when someone is seriously trying to figure out what is happening with them, how they attract what they attract and how to identify and stay focused enough to get what they want.   The part I don’t so much like is when I give the same answers over and over and each time Domino acts like he’s never heard it.  When this happens, I remind him he’s paying me by the hour.  I don’t think so much that he keeps asking in order to hear a different answer. I think it’s just that he’s so vibrationally out of tune that he doesn’t hear the words when I say them.  He’ll hear it when he’s ready. Ram Dass said, “When the disciple is ready, a leaf falling is enough. If not, the whole tree could fall on you.”

I often don’t get something until the Universe fells a tree on me.  In 2004 I got gallstone pancreatitis due to my heavy lumberjack diet.  Yet from 96-99 I’d gotten a crash course in vegetarian cooking from my then boyfriend, alternative energy guru Doug Cobb.  He never criticized my weight or eating habits.  He’d make suggestions that I took note of, but ignored since the ideas did not appeal to me.   Had I changed my eating habits when he first told me, I could have avoided $60k in hospital bills seven years later.  But I wasn’t ready to hear it then.  Only afterward, when I learned I had to change to a low fat diet, did all his words start tumbling into my consciousness again.  We’d begun compiling a cookbook of his favorite vegetarian and tofu dish recipes, so I had that on my computer.  It was good that I had all the info at my fingertips when I needed it, but why couldn’t I hear it when he first told me?  Because I was vibrationally out of tune with it.  I was on AM 580 and good health was at 106FM.  I was just a different place on the dial.

So when Domino asks me for the eleventh time what he can do to release resistance to allow more good to flow into his life, I can’t fault him.  He is where he is.  At least he’s asking.  But old habits die hard.  Like my former heavy meat habit didn’t change even after Doug told me the pitfalls.  I took my chances since I was addicted to the taste.  It was only when the memory of the taste was eclipsed by the new memory of the pain of the pancreatitis did I change my eating habits.   So I know old habits die hard for Domino, too.

For him and many of us, the answer to how do I release resistance is to simply disconnect from the daily criticism and especially news reports.  Just don’t listen to them.  Don’t read them.  If it’s a story that tugs at your emotions, if it’s a story that makes you sad or angry, the thought energy you are expending reading and reflecting on that story is thought energy better spent focusing on something you want to achieve, or something you enjoy doing.  That’s how you release resistance: you control what you choose to focus your attention on, you choose to stay focused on things that bring you joy and emotional fulfillment.

Domino is by nature a critical person.  He’s observant and it’s a human tendency to notice defaults in structure before noticing the overall structure.  Domino speaks whatever comes into his head, he has no filters or boundaries.  He can repeat back verbatim what someone said, but if you ask him what it means, he repeats back rhetoric.   He’s always repeating something he heard on the news, especially about the economy or some political doings.  He likes the picking apart and analyzing of the “facts.”  He sees no harm in it.  Everyone else at work does it all day long as well.  They’re all used to it.  It’s a habit and old habits die hard.

I think of where I want to be on the dial.  If war and political unrest and the woes of the world are at AM 630, then I don’t want to be vibing anywhere near that place on the dial.  It doesn’t mean if I listen to it then I will become the victim of war.  There are a lot of uncool things besides war on AM 630: there’s a sprained ankle and a leaking car seal and a flat tire and running out of gas and getting fired and ulcers and foreclosure.  None of that sounds like fun to me, so I know I don’t want to be dialed in near that station.  Get me to 106 FM quick!

The way to dial away is to turn your attention to something you like, to something it makes you feel good to think about or look at or do.  It helps to have this thought ready ahead of time, so you can use it as your piovoting thought. Then pet the cat, walk the dog, look at pics of the kids, take a bubble bath, dance in the living room to the oldies, watch a tv show that makes you laugh, drive to the beach.  No news.  Look around a make a mental list of what you like and why.  I appreciate the fan because it keeps me cool.  The small table next to the door is the perfect place for keys and mail.  Those are my favorite shoes. When you do this, you’re helping yourself move up the dial to a happier vibration.  You’re reminding yourself what you like.  You’re doing it on purpose, repeating the thought over a few times, to remind yourself what you already know.  As you begin vibrating in that happier place, things in your physical life will begin falling into place. You hear of the perfect job, your mate pays more attention to you, you lose your taste for sweets and drop 10 pounds, you get an unexpected mortgage escrow refund.   These are the things that are at 106 FM.  That’s where I’d rather be.  And all it takes is a little management of my thought time.   Hmmm, imagine that.


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