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Do you know what dust is? Clean the way for tomorrow.

Vac'ing  away  yesterday

Vac'ing away yesterday

Do you know what dust is? It’s particles of the past YOU. These particles are the remainder of who you were before you became who you are right now.  You don’t vibe in that old place anymore, so those particles dropped away.  You don’t need those reminders.  You wouldn’t leave all your old boyfriends lying all around your house, would you?  If you want change to happen – good change – then vacuum often, dust often, unclutter often. Make way for the new YOU. Create the space for it… then stand back and watch it unfold before your eyes.

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Trusting who’s been over the rainbow

over the rainbow

over the rainbow

The birds begin to sing in the morning before I can see the light over the treeline.   Since they can fly higher than me and they’ve been where I haven’t and seen what I didn’t, I trust them when they say the Sun is rising.  Birds never fib to other birds about whether they’ve been over the rainbow or not. Only we humans say we’ve been there and done that when we just wish we had.  The funny part is us giving other people advice about the rainbow we’ve never been on the other side of.

Domino attracts another false positive for PCP

Four months ago, I wrote at DUI, DWLS, Probation, PCP and False Positives that a long time friend was on probation for driving under the influence, and when she went for her court appointed random drug test, her urine tested positive for PCP, which she does not do.  Long story short, it was a false positive test, which apparently happens often for some reason at the Prevent of Brevard lab. So today she called me and was upset that yesterday she went for another drug test and once again tested positive for PCP.  At Prevent of Brevard.  I asked why she went to that lab again after she knew they do not have accurate results and after the big fiasco last time.  She said because it’s close to her home and to go to the other lab is a five hour bus ride for her, since she can’t drive now.  WTF?!?  I asked her, “So to save a 5 hour bus trip, you went to a lab that is known for giving false positives?”  That’s exactly like looking for your keys under the street light because there’s no light in the alley where you dropped them. Continue reading

Having My Attachments Pointed Out

I love using AOL on Mozilla Firefox.  It watches out for me.  I often email myself from home at night, and open it at the office in the morning.  When I went to send an email reading to a client the other day, the topic was her back and forth relationship with an unsuitable lover, the screen prompted me, “Are you sure you want to send this message without an attachment?  (Message contains the word ‘attached’)”  Wouldn’t it be nice if ALL our attachments were pointed out to us as easily?  And if we were asked every day if we were sure we wanted to continue with it or not?  For some, that might be a big SELECT ALL, and DELETE. For me, I’d like to be less attached to having so much private, alone time.  And less attached to bread.  What attachments are you ready to lose?

Mulberries are like opportunities

I was outside picking mulberries just now for my friend Joy.  Since I’d picked a pint for myself and one for my neighbor the other day, I didn’t know if there would be much more ripe and within reach.  I began at the back of the tree and moved counter clockwise around it, picking all the black berries I could reach.  After a pint it looked like there were no more for today.  Then I stepped 6 inches back, and suddenly I was surrounded by ripe berries!  I thought, mulberries are like opportunities. You work one section until you have taken all the mulberries you can see and you think there are no more.  Then you step 6 inches to the right and you’re in a whole new world of mulberries.

Abraham-Hicks Synopsis – Stop Telling The Old Story

I listened to the monthly Abraham-Hicks cd in the car Monday (San Rafael 8-1-09 workshop) – it’s such good stuff.  I’ve gotten their cd of the month for as long as they’ve offered it, and it was audiotapes before then.  I usually listen on my long drives up and down I-95,so I am not distracted by turns and stop signs and traffic.  I can just drive and listen, so it’s like being in a 90 minute workshop of theirs each month.  As I drive, I always have a writing station set up so I can quickly take notes. I’ll share highlights from the recent San Rafael workshop here: Continue reading

Favorite Abraham Hicks Processes

These processes are summaries of those recommended in the book Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks. They continue to be both fun and life changing for me, so I hope that you will have a similar experience.   Although most of these processes can be done in your head, your degree of focus while writing makes them much more powerful and effective in changing your point of attraction. Continue reading

Rest in Peace, little Brother

Bobby and Andrea 9-9-75

My kid brother Bobby died 34 years ago today. He was a beautiful and troubled soul. Rumi says, “A stone I died and rose again a plant; A plant I died and rose an animal; I died an animal and was born a man. Why should I fear? What have I lost by death?” and”Everyone is so afraid of death, but the real sufis just laugh: nothing tyrannizes their hearts. What strikes the oyster shell does not damage the pearl. Rumi”  RIP, B!

You Can Tell By The Questions How Much Work Has Been Done

Yesterday I spent a half hour on the phone with a man who called about the mailbox visualization he read at A Creative Visualization to Attract Dollars.  You’re walking out to your mailbox, and you’re excited because you know good things are in the works for you. You’re opening your mailbox, and you see an unexpected big check payable to you. You’re thrilled, you’re excited, and you know there’s more where this came from. Yes! He wanted to know should the check be in an envelope or not?  Continue reading