Domino attracts another false positive for PCP

Four months ago, I wrote at DUI, DWLS, Probation, PCP and False Positives that a long time friend was on probation for driving under the influence, and when she went for her court appointed random drug test, her urine tested positive for PCP, which she does not do.  Long story short, it was a false positive test, which apparently happens often for some reason at the Prevent of Brevard lab. So today she called me and was upset that yesterday she went for another drug test and once again tested positive for PCP.  At Prevent of Brevard.  I asked why she went to that lab again after she knew they do not have accurate results and after the big fiasco last time.  She said because it’s close to her home and to go to the other lab is a five hour bus ride for her, since she can’t drive now.  WTF?!?  I asked her, “So to save a 5 hour bus trip, you went to a lab that is known for giving false positives?”  That’s exactly like looking for your keys under the street light because there’s no light in the alley where you dropped them.

I halt her mid-story and tell her to stop everything and get her probation officer on the phone and ask her what to do, or get up to the Rockledge lab right now for another blood test.  She tells me she’s already spoken to her P.O. and, long story short, she does not need to re-test right now, her P.O.will mark it as another false positive.

“So,” I ask her, “you’re telling me a story about something that’s already been resolved?”  Yes.

“You’re all upset over something that has already been fixed and settled?”  Yes.

“Isn’t the answer as easy as never go to them for another test and this is all over soon?”  Yes.

“So what is the problem?”  The problem is it happened again and it isn’t fair and I want to go the Prevent of Brevard lab because it’s closer and I can’t find anyone to drive me to the Rocklege lab that has the accurate results, and I don’t want to spend all day on buses.  Prevent of Brevard should give accurate results.”

I told her she doesn’t want vibe there. All that matters is that it is what it is, and it can be over if she gets off the topic. Abraham-Hicks says, “The fastest way to get somewhere other than where you are is to make peace with where you are. What are the positive aspects about where you are right now?”  The positive aspects of Domino‘s scenario was that, although it was a real hassle and yes it was unfair, it was over with and had been resolved.

Abraham-Hicks goes on to say, “Stop making excuses.  Stop telling the old story  Stop giving any conversation to anything not in the vortex. Just get in there.  No more excuses, no more conversation about what you see happening that you don’t want.  Tell the story that brings you the greater relief,  Get hooked on alignment with Source energy.  Complaining is out of the vortex, whether your complaint is valid or not. Think the better feeling thought. That’s the way into the vortex.”

I told Domino to not tell anyone else the story of what she went through the last two days, although it was such a good, juicy story.  Telling the story would just make her vibe in a place she didn’t want to vibe at and it would keep her from moving on to other good stuff.

She apologized and I told her to not beat herself up for this.  We all do it.  We all want to tell the juicy story; we all want to tell our side.  We don’t think we will be held back too long by just telling the story one more time.  But we can nip it in the bud if we want.

She knew the risk of going to Prevent of Brevard.  She was guided by wanting to avoid a 5 hour bus trip – and being too shy to ask friends at church for a ride. Vibrational match for a false positive, clearly.

It’s nice to see law of attraction at work, even when it’s something we don’t want.

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