Abraham-Hicks Synopsis – Stop Telling The Old Story

I listened to the monthly Abraham-Hicks cd in the car Monday (San Rafael 8-1-09 workshop) – it’s such good stuff.  I’ve gotten their cd of the month for as long as they’ve offered it, and it was audiotapes before then.  I usually listen on my long drives up and down I-95,so I am not distracted by turns and stop signs and traffic.  I can just drive and listen, so it’s like being in a 90 minute workshop of theirs each month.  As I drive, I always have a writing station set up so I can quickly take notes. I’ll share highlights from the recent San Rafael workshop here:

Patience is only a virtue you have to develop when you want things you are resistant to.

The fastest way to get somewhere other than where you are is to make peace with where you are. What are the positive aspects about where you are right now?

Stop making excuses.  Stop telling the old story  Stop giving any conversation to anything not in the vortex. Just get in there.  No more excuses, no more conversation about what you see happening that you don’t want.  Tell the story that brings you the greater relief,  Get hooked on alignment with Source energy.

Complaining is out of the vortex, whether your complaint is valid or not. Think the better feeling thought. That’s the way into the vortex.

You can accomplish alignment every time you decide to.  “No matter what I’m doing, I have the ability to reach for alignment factors within in.  I can choose to focus myself into alignment.

Make general statements about what you want.  If you get too specific and begin to feel resistant, go back to the general statement.

I get so much out of their work, it’s so simple, all it takes is a little practice.

I’ve learned a little daily practice goes a long, long way.

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