You Can Tell By The Questions How Much Work Has Been Done

Yesterday I spent a half hour on the phone with a man who called about the mailbox visualization he read at A Creative Visualization to Attract Dollars.  You’re walking out to your mailbox, and you’re excited because you know good things are in the works for you. You’re opening your mailbox, and you see an unexpected big check payable to you. You’re thrilled, you’re excited, and you know there’s more where this came from. Yes! He wanted to know should the check be in an envelope or not? 

He had half a dozen questions along that line.  I love questions like that.  Questions like that tell me he’s doing the visualization and needs clarification for the next step. Lots of friends have asked me to teach them visualization and – imagine that – very few ask for the next step. Grin. They think I don’t know they aren’t doing it.  As if I can’t see by their life whether they are doing it or not.

The same with meditation.  If you never try it, you think “that’s easy” and you have no questions.   But once you get alone and in the silence and close your eyes, a lot of questions come up.  As you stick with it, the questions change.  So one can tell by the questions just about how long you’ve practiced.

I love it when people really want to know and then actually do the work.  That’s rare.  Maybe 1 out of 3 say they want to do it and maybe 1 out of 20 will actually do it.  If that.  If it’s all about making changes, why can’t we just stop the dilly dallying and do the work?


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