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Creating a website is like creating a little world in itself

Yesterday was one of my most restful Sundays ever.  Sundays are usually a flurry of activity for me, but I claimed yesterday as a day of rest and not having to do anything on anyone else’s schedule.   I ignored the pile of work on my desk and instead opted to play around putting together my new website at  It had so much fun at it that it was easy to forget that it, too, was actually technically “work,” but of a different sort. Continue reading

Clearing my underbrush and managing the deadfall

Sunday, March 22, 2009.  Happy Sunday.  I spend much of yesterday out in my far backyard, clearing out some vines and limbs I’d cut back in November.  Since keeping up with the yard is a big job, I do it in stages.  Last November, I  cut back a lot of vines and tangled branches in the turk’s cap and eleagnus shrubs I have.  I pulled out the easy branches, and left the more tangled ones inside, giving a few extra cuts to the vines and limbs all twined together.  So now, in March, it is easy to see the dead limbs and vines; they are dry and lighter and easy to pull out.  I also leave them in there since I know the Mulberry tree will go bare for the next few months, and the turk’s cap and eleganus can act as privacy from my back neighbor if I leave the clippings in.  Last month, the mulberry tree began filling out and that signalled to me it was time to remove the tangle of last winter and make room for the Spring growth. Continue reading

Calendar last Sunday in April for Really Really FREE Market

Last Sunday in April – Put it on your calendar now.  Free Market of Melbourne and Palm Bay Up and Running.  The first “Free Market of Melbourne/Palm Bay” is the last Sunday in April. The RRFM will be at Holmes Park, often Called Manatee Park, in downtown Melbourne. This time will coincide with Food Not Bombs so we can be sure we’ll be better serving the public by having food as well as goods and skills.  What do we need now? Networking and promotion. Let people know it is happening and it will be ongoing. Have them bring stuff, put of the yard sale, get that spring cleaning done. Continue reading

My Friday late afternoon, paying down debt

We had the mailing for the April Horizons today, and I surprised myself by getting some of the billing done before everyone got here.  It feels good to have that part of the job done each month.  Now I get to sit outside and enjoy the weather and watch the sun go down, without having anything else to do or anywhere else to go.  Nice!  Right now I’m sitting in my west woods, in what is typically known as the firepit area, however there is no fire tonight.  It’s very windy and my favorite big giant kitty Izzy is sitting here with me.  I can hear several sets of birds all around me, and can see the plaster Buddha winking at me as the sun sends shadows thru the mulberry leaves across his face. Continue reading

You never know

I woke up this morning and my brother had emailed me something I wanted to share with you.  he began by saying “Interesting what comes out of this head some times, LOL!”

“It’s just not the same around here these days. Once this old commune was energetic and alive with joyful activity. You could feel the celebration of life in the air. We grew all our own food in our lush gardens, danced and sang in the joy of the wonderful reality that we had created. We do create our own reality you know. We had a wonderful mascot, a beautiful white stallion. He symbolized the high energy free spirit that we all shared. He galloped through the field and pranced with a special beauty and dignity that made him the center of attention. We fed him the best of oats and made sure he was well groomed so that he could display his beauty.  Everyone loved that stallion.  We traveled for many miles to find those special oats, bring them in each week in a heavy laden donkey cart. Surely such a fine steed should be pampered and looked upon in awe. Continue reading

Crest SpinBrush, Pill Pockets for the kitties

Thursday March 19 2009. Ok, I have to admit I didn’t prepare a blog post for this morning because I’ve been busy with other work (me, busy??).  But there are two things I bought this week that are really cool and I wanted to share.  First, is the Crest SpinBrush.  I’m not one to buy fad type items, but I AM a toothbrushing freak. I’ve had some of those sonic brushes that kinda of vibrate your teeth out of your jaw – not a fan of those.  My gums are ticklish and those are too strong for tender me.  But the SpinBrush – $7.50 at Wal-Mart is great.  It takes two batteries (included) or you can buy the rechargeable one for $14. Although I drink tea and eat a lot of tomatoes, I brush several times a day to keep my teeth bright and white.  I am not into the artificial whitening since it weakens the enamel after a few years.  So this is my fix.  I use the Crest whitening toothpaste and then afterwards do a polish on the front teeth using plain baking soda mixed with a little sea salt. Continue reading

Working on my new website

Wednesday March 18, 2009. I have been working half the night and didn’t think of a blog post until I  noticed the sun coming up.  I’ve been doing a new website  I got the idea when my friend John Wolf commented last month that he liked reading about the “goddess grub recipes” I blog about.  So the site isn’t just for goddesses, the meals are also for men who adore the goddess in us! The site is still waaaaay under construction, but I didn’t want you to neglect a blog post.  And look at this beautiful day brewing outside.  My yard will love the rain!

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Changing with the times

Tuesday, March 17, 2009. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  Yesterday was spent getting the April Horizons Magazine to the printer, something I am so glad I am able to do electronically.  I love modern technology- it makes work (and life) so much easier for me.  I used to have to drive the magazine 3 hours away to the printer if I didn’t have it done in time to overnight the job by mail.  This way it’s so much easier, but I had to do a lot of software upgrade and program learning to be able to do it.  As usual, in the beginning I balked, simply because I didn’t want to change my routine.  It was comfortable and I was good at it.  Now I realize, had I not changed with the times, I would be doing lots and lots of extra work I didn’t have to do.  Hmmm, I wondered, where else do I do that? Continue reading

Reporting ripoff websites (like Jenna astrologer) to

A couple of friends have discovered a website that purports to give them “free” astrology readings, and then they get bombarded with increasingly threatening emails insisting they need to pay for a report they were told initially was free.  You can read the Google Search Results to see where she’s done it to others and sent them the exact same report you get for the same dates.  You can also report other ripoffs to this website as well as search other websites. 

,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ :¦:-Connecting with your Angels, Guides, Teachers
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A morning journey out of the body

Monday, March 16, 2009. I listened to one of the Monroe Institute Gateway Experience cds this morning, Wave VI, Track 2 Odyssey #2 Expansion in Locale 1.  In October 2006, Beth Head and I went to the Monroe Institute and did their 6 day residential Gateway program, and I wrote about it here: October 2006 The Haunted Chair, De-activating Thoughtforms, Journeys Out Of The Body, Gateway Voyage at The Monroe Institute. I like these cds because they always take me out of where I am and place me somewhere else, somewhere it is easy to do the creative visualization work I love to do. Continue reading