A morning journey out of the body

Monday, March 16, 2009. I listened to one of the Monroe Institute Gateway Experience cds this morning, Wave VI, Track 2 Odyssey #2 Expansion in Locale 1.  In October 2006, Rev. Beth Head and I went to the Monroe Institute and did their 6 day residential Gateway program, and I wrote about it here: October 2006 The Haunted Chair, De-activating Thoughtforms, Journeys Out Of The Body, Gateway Voyage at The Monroe Institute. I like these cds because they always take me out of where I am and place me somewhere else, somewhere it is easy to do the creative visualization work I love to do.

We hear about alpha waves but the interesting stuff takes place in the theta and delta states, which are associated with creative breakthroughs and spiritual epiphanies.

BEFORE MY STORY, HERE’S ABOUT THE PROCESS:  In the cds, they refer to creating your energy conversion box, doing resonant tuning, creating a REBAL and repeating the Gateway Affirmation, so know how to do these ahead of time.  

You begin with an energy conversion box to place all concerns into before you begin the process.  Then a resonant tuning exercise as a way to shift your energy and give your brain something to hook onto. Via focused breathing, you will create a REBAL, a resonant energy balloon around your physical form, breathing up thru the soles of your feet and spraying like a fountain over your head.

Then you’ll repeat to yourself the Gateway Affirmation: “I am more than my physical body.  Because I am more than physical matter, I can perceive that which is greater than the physical world.  I deeply desire to expand, to experience; to know, to understand; to control, to use such greater energies as may be beneficial and constructive to me. I deeply desire the help, cooperation and understanding of those in Spirit whose wisdom, development, and experience are greater than my own.  I ask their guidance and protection from any influence that might provide me with less than my stated desires.” 

While I was waiting for the speaker to join me in Focus 10, I had an image of me sitting around a huge round table with a group of other women I know, but notable ones, as though we all meet on the inner planes.  That’s what I was doing anyway, was waiting for my “guide” for the Monroe Gateway Experience Wave VI at the designated “meeting place” (focus 10) on the inner plane.

So as I looked around at the other women, the journalist in me immediately thought “I wish I’d brought a pen and paper to bed with me so I could record my fast paced yet detailed impressions.”  They gave me the knowing smile that knows how futile all that is, that what is important is that I get to sit myself in that experience with them and soak it all in as much as I can in the moment, to be IN the moment as much as I can be to enjoy it.  And let the experience of it change my life as no words I’ll ever write to someone else can.

In this exercise, we are simply asked to “expand yourself” and each time I notice I do it a little differently; it’s like I go in with one idea of what I’ll do, but in the moment something else comes to me and I do that instead.  This time, as I expanded myself, I felt as though I was smoothing and stretching myself out like you would with pizza dough, stretching it out.  But I had me in the center of it so it was like I was this giant soft floury ravioli that was creating myself from the inside out, and stretching my own dough out in all directions.

I forget the suggestions just now but as I felt lighter and lighter, it was as though the dough was rising and stretching out even farther.  so I expanded myself from my body to my bed to my bedroom to my house to my neighborhood to my town to all across central Florida. Then I projected myself expanding over the entire globe, envisioned expanding my ravioli self out from my ravioli center to wrap myself around the Earth like one gigantic fat ravioli. As soon as I did that, I could feel the entire Earth and me in it, breathing together, as one big organism, pulsing with Life together.

Wow, it was quite a trip and definitely  gave me an “at One” feeling to start my day with.


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