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Is it ok to break up with someone over Facebook?

Monday January 26, 2009  *ow *ow *ow OK, now both index fingers have cuts on them, teaching me another great lesson about myself: journalling must be an addiction if I feel compelled to do it despite having to type awkwardly and painfully with bandaged fingers.  Typing with second fingers in place of first while they heal.  It ouches me, but not too badly.  But the desire to express what is inside me makes the little bit of aggravation and pain worth it.  Like the dog doesn’t mind getting bugs in his teeth when he hangs his head out the window of the car – it’s just so worth it to feel the wind in his laughey face.
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Co-creation at its finest

Monday January 26, 2009  New Moon – Solar Eclipse – Chinese New Year I began celebrating early last night by cutting scallions for a vegetable stirfry.  Only a week ago my brother read my blog post talking about how I chop vegetables every day for my big salads.  He emailed me to be careful not to cut myself, so last night I did a good slice on my left index finger.  So thanks for helping me pre-pave this joint creation!
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Brother Jerry; doing what needs to be done; efficiency

Sunday January 25, 2009    My brother Jerry is a genius.  He is the mastermind and master tech behind our worldwide multimedia division.  Translation: he designed the Horizons Magazine website and newsletter and this blog for me.  Jerry is genius at a lot of things.  He is creative, he’s an artist, he’s very psychic. He’s also an inventor, a mechanical and design engineer and, in the past several years has become a webmaster as well.  He’s sure made my life easier and more productive and profitable.
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Interesting how men you’ve known for years will turn into dunces when they see you all dressed up, paint and powdered, wearing form fitting clothes.  It never ceases to amaze me.  Hello – it’s just me in here.  Hello??

Us vs. them; what do your thoughts add to the world mix?

Saturday January 24, 2009   Obama’s Nonbeliever Nod Unsettles Some the headline reads.  Obama said “We know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness.  We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and nonbelievers.”  So now some folks are ticked that he gave a shout out to the “nonbelievers.”  I find that pretty amusing.  That’s like saying this is a farm of cows, goats, rabbits and chickens, and some folks insisting that the chickens are not part of the farm at all.
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Meditating to the superconscious state

 It was about 33 degrees when I took my walk around the neighborhood about 6:00am .  I could see the bright sliver moon up high in the southeast over the pines, just a sliver in the sky.  I’d had a good meditation earlier with many thoughts to ponder. Roy Eugene Davis student and disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, talks about meditating to the superconscious state” and says, “Regular superconscious meditation practice strengthens the body’s immune system, slows biological aging processes, improves powers of concentration, clarifies awareness, and quickens spiritual growth.” Continue reading