I discover theeverdayblogger.com

Thursday, January 22, 2009  Today I discovered www.theeverydayblogger.com/ and have been reading at it.  I discovered Stephanie on  www.twitter.com where she does daily reminders to drink your water!  I love that!  Follow her at skinnyjeans at www.twitter.com.  She left a high paying job where “there were a lot of people who were rich monetarily, but poor spiritually and emotionally.”

She writes on a variety of interesting topics.  “You can’t separate me from what I blog about, it’s me fully expressing my true self and heart, it’s my life purpose work.”  I look forward to reading at her blog in the days to come.  And for the tech-challenged like me, Stephanie also has a great post explaining what an RSS feed is http://www.backinskinnyjeans.com/backinskinnyjeans/2006/09/how_to_explain_.html

So now I know how to subscribe to someone’s blog and what that means!

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