Co-creation at its finest

Monday January 26, 2009  New Moon – Solar Eclipse – Chinese New Year I began celebrating early last night by cutting scallions for a vegetable stirfry.  Only a week ago my brother read my blog post talking about how I chop vegetables every day for my big salads.  He emailed me to be careful not to cut myself, so last night I did a good slice on my left index finger.  So thanks for helping me pre-pave this joint creation!

Nah, I can’t blame Brothermine for my paw karma in this lifetime, and I’ve learned to type with all combinations of fingers anyway.  But it made me wonder about what pre-paving I am unconsciously doing for friends and family.  What joint co-creation are we mutually engaged in?

Do I see them in the best light possible?  Do I see them having their act together and being self sufficient and happy in their relationships and jobs?

Or do I constantly worry if they are doing the right thing and making the right choices and hanging with the right people and eating the right foods, etc?

Do I worry that Debbie will lose yet another job because she can never get to work on time?  Do I pre-pave that for her?

Do I worry that my friend took out a life insurance policy on her mother and has anger management issues with her ?  What am I pre-paving for them?

Do I worry that another  friend’s husband has been living in China the last 10 years with another woman and has a child with her and is trying to get my friend to sign agreements that are incomplete, inaccurate and unfair.  What am I pre-paving when I think about them?

Do I just worry, repeatedly envisioning the scariest, worst case scenarios?  Or do I realize the truth of the matter:

That the people I know are pretty smart.  If I think something needs to be brought to someone ‘s attention, I will do so.  They can make their own logical and informed choices after that.  I don’t need to give any more thought to the matter than that.

And it’s neither useful  nor helpful for me to give the matter any more thought than that, unless I want to add to the tension of an already intense thoughtform.

Which thoughtform do I want to empower and give energy to?

The one that says the parties are unsafe and at odds?  Or the one that says, I see it’s possible for everyone to take all matters into consideration and to do the right thing.  It’s possible for everyone to live together happily and harmoniously and settle all matters between them easily and effortlessly as soon as they arise.

Do I want to empower and add to the thoughtform that the U.S. is on its way to stability and recovery on all levels and that the world is coming together as old regimes move out and the new age begins?

If that is the thoughtform I want to empower, then I think more and ponder more that that is coming about.  I take note of all evidence I see to support that.  That is how I empower and add to those global thoughtforms.  That is how I do my part, that is MY part in this joyous co-creation we call life on Earth.

My part, my contribution is to look everywhere for evidence of wellness and wellbeing, and bask in it whenever and wherever I find it.  My part is to have faith and hopeful expectation and belief that life is good and getting better.  My part is to find the positive aspects in everything, everywhere, ever moment, forever.

No biggie 🙂


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