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When does it all end? When you take your attention off it

A friend sent out an email about the economy and what “the tricksters” are trying to do to us. He writes: “When does it all end?” I replied, “It ends when you take your attention off what the media is telling you and when you put your attention on what you prefer instead, and keep it there. It ends when you stop thinking that you are at the mercy of anything but your own vibrational stance in every moment. It ends when you use your own creative imagination to play with the ideas of what you’d like to experience instead, and spent most of your thought time in that space.  That’s when it ends.

I don’t get caught up in this type of info because I don’t want to vibrate there for a moment.  I know how powerful we can be as visionaries who hold to our vision of a joyful, abundant future, despite appearances, despite media input.  I know the longer I can hold the highest vision, the more of a contribution I make to the collective consciousness, since that is what attracts our collective experience to us.  I can either spend my thought time completely on the bright future and what is bright about right now, what is good that is going on right now, or I can add energy to the decline by vibrating in that place when I read news like that.

It’s just a choice of where do I want to spend my energy.
What vision do I want to feed?
What tomorrow do I want to live?”

Remembering Daddy

I’ve been emailing with my girl cousin Deborraha Burnett whom I hadn’t spoken with since 1996. We’re about the same age, and it’s fun to catch up. We both had very controlling fathers, but our family at least had fun together. Mom and Dad were also good role models for relationship because even though it was just as dysfunctional as any, mom and dad had an obviously genuine playful chemistry together and we could have fun even though we were technically all in trouble and on restriction. When Daddy was happy, everyone was happy.   We did lots of vacations, even just weekends to Fish Eating Creek. We went in this old Fageol twin coach buss my dad had converted into a camper, we spent every single weekend at some campground with him working on the engine. Fun, fun, fun.   Continue reading

A Non Disclosure Agreement means you do not disclose

A friend tells a story about a conflict he had with someone he ghost writes for. Although they had a Non-Disclosure Agreement, he freely emailed private material to a 3rd party (who is also in the same business as the one he was writing for). The names have changed but I wrote: “I’ve been reading about the incident with Luke.  It’s not my place to get into your stuff, but non-disclosure means you do not disclose about that person or that topic, period.  If you’re ghost writing, you’re a ghost, you’re invisible, you don’t publicly exist in the world of that person or that topic, despite personal privilege.  If anyone knows you’re ghosting, then you’re no longer ghostwriting, you’re now editing.  Karmically, you’ve shared words of Luke with another writer, and those words have sparked connection within her and so basically now everything in her world is colored by that filter, which you provided. For better or worse.  Legally, any future product she produces if ever anyhow derivative of his inspired idea, would entitle him to legal compensation.  Especially since the info was transmitted by a party to a Non-Disclosure Agreement.  Which opens possible criminal charges since it was sent via email.   Continue reading

Recognize what is news and what is a press release

I received a “news” release that said  “Whatever you may believe, I know we are not alone in the Universe, and our space brothers and sisters who see us as their ancestors will be making ever increasing contact from now until 2012. I highly encourage you to view additional information about this on my website.  Folks, that’s more important than anything you will hear on the news.  It is the REAL news behind the news, especially if you resonate.”  I had so many emails about this that I put a notice in the upcoming October Horizons: OCT 14th UFO Encounter – Are They Coming? For everyone who’s written asking if I know about this, Yes, it’s a bookseller’s press release/marketing story for their latest product.   However, I do know that the ufo coverup is coming to an end, and it’s happening already as documents have been recently unclassified.  The Oct 14 date in the press release is to get mass consciousness asking for it on that date, to invite an event to fulfill the prophecy.  The story, while a good one, is part of the latest clever marketing formula in the world of booksellers.  But it’s also a great Intention Experiment for the author and publicist. For those of you who do NOT get dozens of press releases every day about new books as I do, I’m just saying: recognize what is a press release, recognize what is promoting a seller’s products, and know yourself well enough to discern whether the info is relevant and helpful before just passing it along as if it’s the truth.  I agree it’s not easy to break away from the other lemmings, and easier to just do what the media wants you to do.  It’s your choice.

I’ve stopped using my credit cards so I don’t have so many bills to pay each month.  It’s been a good month, lots of new ads, A couple from Naples contacted me and have been selling ads and distributing Horizons all over down there.  Plus they bought their own magazine racks (they are like $200 each and I’ve had so many stolen through the years that I just don’t buy them anymore), they are real go getters.

When you feel compelled to write

Half the people I know are in the process of writing a book that they feel is being channeled through them and wanting someone else to promote it for them. We are all vibing in the same place. We have come forth in a “cluster” as Abraham calls it, to find ourselves in a powerful group of people who have truly amazing and inspiring stories to tell. Maybe 90% of them wait and hope that someone else will discover their brilliance and promote them, so that all they have to do is show up and tell their story. Wouldn’t that be nice?   That’s not how it works, though. And they may stay at that stage for 20-30 years before they realize hey, it’s my story. Maybe I was just meant to write it for myself, because the writing of it taught me so many lessons along the way. My experience is that when the channelling starts to flow and we think “Omigosh, I HAVE to get this information out there!” that is just the Universe giving us the body chemicals for inspiration, dangling the carrot before us, at a time when we’re still programmed to think that some fame and recognition would be kind of cool. So the first ten years or so I thought I was writing for the whole world, then realized it was to help me change me and learn what I needed to know to become who I am now, and keep me on the path to who I can be.    Continue reading

At Unity of Melbourne today, a man at first service went up and spoke to Rev. Beth about how her talk helped him see how his rigid thinking caused he and his wife to split and thinks now they have a chance. At one point before he got up, the sun brightened the entire room so that several people looked that way.   When I looked that way, I could see a complex reconfiguring in his energy field, as if fishing nets becoming untangled.  And he had an energy stream that came straight from Beth and went back and it was flooding, I’m not exaggerating, flooding out of her right into his chest.  For me, this is what really brightened the room, him “getting” what she was saying; him realizing he was just now grasping the concept; him having that a-ha moment and feeling so grateful to her for being the messenger.  I knew he was going to walk right over to the aisle and walk right up to her, and he did.  I thought that was very cool, being so demonstrative of the fact of what Beth says every week: that “something good will happen to you today because you made the choice to be at Unity of Melbourne.”   Continue reading

Dream: Matthew McConaughey Wakes Me Up

I went to the Melbourne Auditorium and decided to park and have a nap.  I had the window open and had a glass bowl of popcorn with me.  I put the empty bowl on the open window sill as I slept.  I woke up half groggy and was glad the bowl was there because someone could have reached in for me but the bowl would have fallen and woken me up.  I go inside the auditorium to walk around and see what’s happening.  It’s a dance like a high school dance going on.  I have a rolled up carpet with me, a small one, and I stand it next to another rolled up carpet that is standing there, as I watch the dancing from the lobby area.  I see Rev. Beth and Gerald Head, so I figure they are there because they own the auditorium and they must have to be there to host it.  Continue reading

Law of attraction at work

Today my friend Frank emailed about his mother helping his deadbeat brother out of financial trouble – once again! I wrote back:  Ah, I see what it is.  Law of attraction at work.  Check it out.  A great example for the class, also.  Mark figures Mom will always bail him out and that’s his sincere belief by virtue of his past history with her, and he attracts that from her (by hook or by crook), so it becomes his experience. Mom knows my friend Frank has some $$ put away (because he’s a bratty blabbermouth) and so Mom has learned to believe through the years that Frank one way or another manages to support himself and be self sufficient.  So she doesn’t feel the “need”to help with $$.  Her belief has become her reality.  Frank knows that Frank is self sufficient and knows to save $$ and he’s responsible and works two+ jobs to make sure he can do what has to be done.  His past history shows him he can do it alone, so his belief and expectation has become his reality.   His past history tells him Mom will bail Miark out of everything, so that past history has made Frank very intuitive in detecting the subtle signs that Mom continues to do for Mark and not do for Frank.  That means, it is hard not to notice when she lets slip in conversation that she paid for yet something else for Mike.  The law of attraction at work.     Continue reading

I’m being prepared even though Hurricane Ike is headed way west

I see Hurricane Ike is headed way west and just a category one as it moves over Cuba.  Our prayers must be working!  Over the weekend I took photos of all my household and garage belongings, just to have on file.  I also bought two big plastic tubs, so in case I have to evacuate, I can just put my needed office stuff in the two tubs and I’m set.  It includes:
Laptop computer
External hard drive
HM Biz Checkbook
Portable USB adapter
Insurance files with photos of household items
Software cd box
Cell phone charger
Blue tooth charger
Stamps envelopes
Flip calendar (with bills in it) and all mail on desk
Vitamins    Continue reading