Dream: Matthew McConaughey Wakes Me Up

I went to the Melbourne Auditorium and decided to park and have a nap.  I had the window open and had a glass bowl of popcorn with me.  I put the empty bowl on the open window sill as I slept.  I woke up half groggy and was glad the bowl was there because someone could have reached in for me but the bowl would have fallen and woken me up.  I go inside the auditorium to walk around and see what’s happening.  It’s a dance like a high school dance going on.  I have a rolled up carpet with me, a small one, and I stand it next to another rolled up carpet that is standing there, as I watch the dancing from the lobby area.  I see Rev. Beth and Gerald Head, so I figure they are there because they own the auditorium and they must have to be there to host it. 

I ask to use the bathroom after Gerald comes out of it but can’t figure out how to use it and have to stand at a sink and direct the flow with my hand then wash my hands.  As I wash my hands I realize this is a dishwasher and I am not in a bathroom,  I feel really stupid but clean up and don’t tell anyone.

Then I walk into a room where Bud Stack and Ken Rijock and others are dining,.  Bud has a new girlfriend and she’s cute and I tell him I approve, they are walking me to my car but I find I can’t start it, there is no key.  Gerald is the only one who knows how to start it without the key.

We go inside and Ken decides to leave the dinner early and he will help me get my car started, but we’ve walked out the wrong door and I can no longer find the car.  We walk all around, it seems to be a bad neighborhood so I’m glad he’s there.  I have on a flannel nightgown that I keep retying a sarong over whenever I get a chance.  We have to go up in a creeky wooden elevator to the 2nd floor, now Ken Rijock has turned into like Matthew McConaughey and is goofing around but all I want to do is find my car and go.

I tell the popcorn sleep story to him and he tells me I am sleepwalking and to wake up
I wake up.

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