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Pre Cosmic Mass

I notice the poster at the ULC website does not have my Horizons Magazine sponsor logo.    I sent it in early and it appeared and now it doesn’t. I will write and ask, I understand someone new is helping Michael. I will also ask if I may once again take photos during the workshops and in the main hall during the performances.  I have been taking orb photos at many of our gatherings around here and would love to have some from the ULC. I’m always low key with it, not in anyone’s face, I know the etiquette – I never shoot close without asking “may I?” and I take no for an answer )   Continue reading

My friend Jack D emailed me about watching a six hour David Icke lecture from Mount Shasta filmed last summer and fears being broadcast into society. I replied: “Synchronicity again, while I am not into the Icke work I did just Google him a few days ago for something.  I know what you mean about the fears being broadcast, I cut myself out of that loop by not watching or reading or listening to it, so it’s only barely.  Not bragging, just I know what works best for me to keep myself in the slot (sailing term for well, you get it.)  I figure I can fill my energy field up with man’s insecure and speculative thought forms, or I can fill my energy field up with peace of mind and become as empty as I can so I am a waiting vessel for my own guidance.  I can hear it clearer when there is not an overlay of tv and an overlay of news and an overlay of economics and an overlay of politics and an overlay of personal opinions and criticisms of friends and coworkers… “

I have given myself a giant headcold!  I’m gonna crash early, will make a chicken fajita first.  Some carcass protein should help mend my throat and lung cells.  I got some chicken tenderloin strips at Publix and I have a bell pepper and onion, and I also got some lite sour cream and 2% shredded cheddar cheese.  And I always have flour tortillas here and corn tortillas too.  I can put a corn tortilla in the toaster and have an instant giant chip!  Fajitas are the only thing I eat dairy with anymore.  Ugh that sounds gross, chicken, cheese and milk in the same meal, glug glug glug down the artery.  But hey my arteries should be nice and clear with 3 years of low fat eating so I’m not worried.  I went for bloodwork yesterday, I do it every few months since I eat at restaurants so much, it’s just $22 for: Lipid profile ** total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and triglyceride Profile 1** liver, heart and muscle enzymes, serum iron, kidney function. It lets me know if I am getting hidden fats and oils. I usually know if I am though because the food tastes good 🙂

I was sewing until just a minute ago. I got the urge to sew another blouse from the same pattern I made.  I’d bought 4 pieces of cheap fabric, I don’t want to waste good fabric on a blouse I am figuring out how to make.  But they both turned out fairly well.  They feel great on and I can move my arms all around and reach and stretch.  But they might both be a little boxy.  One fabric is an olive green kind of medium weight slubbed gauze, very easy to sew on.  The other is a deep claret, silky, lightweight polyester if I am not mistaken.  It has a crumply look like a lite velour.  Both have low deep necklines and a type of shawl collars, an empire waist line. Now to find some nice fabric and make a real blouse from it.

I bought some fabric this week and hope to sew a little in the next couple of days.  I miss doing it.  I have a bunch of clothes I can take in, I didn’t want to do it too soon after I lost weight in case it came back.  Guess I’m kinda safe, so will begin taking stuff in.  I bought 2 tops yesterday and took one apart to make a pattern from it.  I haven’t sewed for a long time and miss the relaxation of it, and the creativity of making things fit my body.  I’m tall and so long waisted that I can’t always just buy something off the rack. Plus even though I have extra pounds, my waist is still proportionally smaller, so I always have to take in the waist if the hips fit, due to my J-Lo butt. The last year I’ve taken to wearing jeans and teeshirts almost exclusively since they fit.  I have a bunch of things here I could take in a few inches each and have been too lazy to do it.

Friday they deliver the mag.  I keep dreaming I have won the lotto, so I have been buying tickets.   Continue reading

Cosmic Mass

I got an email from a local Florida Today reporter I know: Andrea, I was talking to some folks about this weekend’s Cosmic Mass and naturally your name came up. Can you call me when you get a chance so we can chat about it and how it fits in with Horizon Magazine’s readership? I want to run a story about it this weekend. Looking forward to speaking with you again. Breuse Hickman.”  I replied:  B – hi, good to hear from you, my friend.  Bad timing, I know it’s 4 days til the event, I have a mega headcold and laryngitis and am dashing madly to get ready for May Horizons delivery Friday, coordinating drivers, etc, all with barely a voice.  So I can’t do a call, I know you understand.  Elizabeth (Hess) Stamper’s phone number is 321-777-6216, she is the local contact, she’s a love, very helpful (not overly wordy and talky *smile*)  The Cosmic Mass fits in with Horizons’ readership in that it embodies what Horizons promotes:  nonsectarian interfaith unity, connecting those who seek purpose in life, using our combined power to encourage each other in our personal visions, and knowing that we participate in creation of the reality we experience.   The music, storytelling, chanting and ritual communion are all just how today’s awakening society dances with the cosmic creator of their understanding.  It’s a rave of a different sort 🙂  I hope this helps Breuse. Oh, off the record, I attended a rehearsal for the Cosmic Mass last week and took some orb photos *interesting*  There is a dress rehearsal Saturday 2pm that I am sure Elizabeth would invite you to.  Lemme know if you need anything else.”




You work things out when you write them down, whether you send the letter or not

A friend wrote that she had written me a very long email asking about a settling karmic debts and then lost the email. She said though that she had gotten an answer during the process of emailing to me. I wrote to her:  “Hi, I understand.  I used to think Spirit had me write things down so I could “illuminate’ someone else, then I learned most often what I write down is something I am learning myself and need a reminder in.  So Spirit must have known your writing of the email was the important thing, and the sending to me less important.  It took me a couple of decades to settle my ‘karmic debts’ and it was discouraging in the beginning when I owed so much to so many and saw no easy way out of it.   I think your release work is in full progress. I did a pranic healing session on you yesterday when I did another non-local friend. You do pranic healing on a person who is not present by projecting your intention and visualizing them before you, and working on the image.  Holding a vision and focusing attention are two things I’m good at.  It was mostly a clearing session, just untangling etheric cords, it can be emotionally painful when those are cut.  I didn’t see anything deeply rooted and wanting to hang on, just some more tangled than the others.  Basically a tangle to be smoothed out one by one is how it appeared to me.”


Michelle Whitedove and anagramming our names

An email with the publicist for new columnist Michelle Whitedove who wrote that people like us are “ always burning the midnight candle.  I keep telling myself I need to be more balanced…have more of a social life.  But it seems everything I get evolved with is work related.  I guess that’s when you know that you are on the right path…its not really work when you LOVE what you do!” I replied:  “Yes, you’re right, it’s all related and it’s not really work.  I feel blessed to live the life I live.  It may look as though I don’t have much of a social life, but I have such a rich inner life and behind-the-scenes life that I’m totallly fulfilled yet eager for more.  Every few years I try to have a boyfriend.  I’m glad to get one and glad to part.  I like mega time alone, partners tend to tire of that quickly 🙂   Most of the people I talk to are publicists and publishers, authors and speakers – I ghost for several writers and I love those gigs.  They fit my 12th house so well.  So most of my ‘friends” are those others who, like us, are behind the scenes, tending to our strands of the web.  I think it so brave when someone “real” like Whitedove jumps right into the fray of the public eye and says “I am real and there is hope for humanity.  You are more powerful than you ever imagined.”  I applaud her courage.    Continue reading

Helping a psychic medium friend create a mission statement

Emailing with a psychic medium friend helping him create a mission statement:  “Mission statements: I have mine shortened so far to:   To establish 3 facts:

  1. That we are all connected.
  2. That we participate in creation of the reality we experience (by our intentions, beliefs, expectations, thoughts and words.)
  3. That we survive in consciousness after the change called death (and to comprehend this, we promote the practice of daily separation of consciousness from the body via meditation.)

Your statement – as a psychic medium – might be something like:    Continue reading

A teacher friend asked how to increase his business with his existing customers

Another psychic friend emailed asking how to increase his business with his existing customers. I replied:  Send an email after every class or workshop they attend; make up a standard thank you for attending email.  Maybe something like: “It was a pleasure meeting you at Saturday night’s class.   It seemed everyone had an enjoyable time.  Let me know if I can do anything for you, I’m glad to help.  Thank you and keep in touch.”

And then 2 weeks later you might email them the next month’s calendar and newsletter, and say something like, “I wanted to give you a coupon for $5 off your next reading during the month of May.  It’s my Mother’s Day special!”

You will also email everyone on your list the following:
Then you have a June Father’s Day or summer equinox special,
then a July Independence Day special,
then an Almost End of Summer August special
then a September Labor Day or Autumn solstice special
Then a Samhain or Halloween special
Then a November Thanksgiving gratitude special since you’re grateful if you have any clients left after all these emails.”